‘Modern Family’: Sarah Hyland Cries, Talks KUPA, Kidney Scars, Suicidal Thoughts and16 Surgeries

Modern Family star Sarah Hyland (portrayer of Haley Dunphy) has opened up to fans like never before about having endured 16 surgeries. As seen in the below video, Sarah cried and showed off scars from her second kidney transplant surgery. Sarah Hyland even revealed that she thought of killing herself due to the guilt her sickness has brought. Hyland was diagnosed with endometriosis and had endometriosis surgery along with having kidney surgeries.

Modern Family star Sarah Hyland has a KUPA, not FUPA

Sarah Hyland kept a sense of humor, even while crying in the moving video that’s quickly going viral. She spoke of having a “KUPA” instead of a “FUPA,” which gives her a little pouch. Sarah explained that her first transplant left her with a scar that looks like a Samurai sword attack or a shark bite. The second transplant featured a new kidney being connected to the old kidneys in the front, which makes her tummy stick out a bit. That’s why she calls it her “kidney upper p***** area.”

“It’s always hard for Kupa to be on display. Still mentally it’s hard to get over that but I think personally for someone being so tiny to have a stomach that looks like the New Jersey Turnpike…”

The Modern Family star also cried when speaking about the guilt she felt over receiving a kidney from her dad. However, it was kidney dysplasia that caused her to experience kidney failure. By 2012, Sarah required a transplant. It was her dad who gave her a kidney. Sadly, that transplant failed when her body eventually rejected the kidney in 2016.

Sarah Hyland goes viral again

Recently, Sarah Hyland had gone viral for raising money for the funeral expenses of her cousin, who was killed by a drunk driver. But it was the generosity of family members that made the Modern Family actress think about feeling guilty. “When a family member gives you a second chance at life, and it fails, it almost feels like it’s your fault,” she said about the kidney donations from her loved ones.

Sarah Hyland acknowledged that the kidney transplant wasn’t actually her fault, but she felt that it was. Sarah also spoke about her second kidney transplant and other surgeries that kept her away from other activities during the holidays. “Christmas break, New Year’s, Thanksgiving, my birthday—all of that spent in the hospital,” she mused.

Sarah Hyland thanked her parents, admitted suicide ideation

During the emotional video, Sarah Hyland gave thanks to her parents for sacrificing their lives to take care of her in the midst of all her health issues. Also, Sarah expressed feeling bad that she had to rely on her younger brother for a kidney, when she felt like she should’ve taken care of him as a big sister, instead of vice versa. She said that her brother gave up the Guinness beer he loved just to prepare to give her his kidney.

In the end, Sarah called it a whole new book, not just a new chapter in her life. The health episodes took the 28-year-old to a dark place in her life. It happened while Sarah Hyland was making Modern Family viewers laugh. “I was very depressed for a long time,” she admitted, even explaining that she was so down that she thought of killing herself. Thankfully, the actress didn’t. Sarah said, “I was contemplating suicide. I had gone through 26 years as always being a burden.” It was the notion that she felt like a burden, “always having to be looked up after, having to be cared for” due to her health issues that made her feel helpless.

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