Miz & Mrs Recap S1 E4 ‘Proud Papa’ – Monroe Sky Mizanin Is Born

The Miz & Mrs, season 1 episode 4, ‘Proud Papa’ recap begins with Mike “Miz” Mizanin excited to wear a Go Pro for the delivery but Maryse Mizanin isn’t having it. Marjorie Oullet, her mom, mocks him. Miz insists it’s his best idea ever. Mike’s dad, George Mizanin, is with him at an event. His mom, Barbara Mizanin, is there in Cleveland too.

On Miz & Mrs, Mike talks about how Rolling Stone honored him and thinks his career is at a peak. He’s talking to Nathan Zegura on Cleveland Browns Radio. His dad is on there too and says he loves The Rock. Miz says his dad never says he’s proud of him.

Mike’s dad hassles him on Miz & Mrs

They cram into an SUV and his mom says she was happiest when she gave birth to Mike but his dad says he wanted a girl. Maryse is filming her dogs as they are piled into her suitcase. She calls out to Pumpkin as she films her on the episode of Miz & Mrs.

Her mom asks about the C-section schedule. Maryse says it’s the 30th. Marjorie wants to know if she wants her in the room. She insists on being there but Maryse isn’t sure. Maryse and Marjorie head out for lunch. Her mom talks about too many people here eating french fries.

Mike Mizanin in Cleveland, stirs up fans

Miz is in the ring at an arena in Cleveland and gets boos when he says he lives in LA. He takes his mom out to a pub later and gets recognized by some young fans. Mike says his dad always makes him take photos and sign autographs with all his friends.

Mike’s Aunt Sharon shows up and tells him how much his dad cares about him. She says Miz is George’s life. Miz says his dad tells others but not him that he’s proud. Mike talks about being a dad soon and George is excited to be a grandpa.

Maryse Mizanin gets sparkly push present

Back at the house, Mike comes in with Pumpkin in a baby carrier. He tells Maryse he’s got something for her and pops open a ring box. She tears up. He gives her a ring inscribed with their daughter’s name. It’s a circle of diamonds. Nice push present!

Mike asks again about wearing the helmet camera and she says no again. Maryse and Miz head to the doctor because she’s feeling intense pressure. Her doctor says the bag of water is ruptured and they must head to the hospital and have the baby. It’s go time on Miz & Mrs.

It’s baby time – Monroe Sky Mizanin is born!

At the hospital, Mike films Maryse and teases her about eating mac and cheese so they can’t do the c-section surgery yet. Mike says he’s shaking, ready to go. They’re ready for the surgery and head down the hall. Mike must wait outside for a moment.

He says he’s about to be a dad to a little girl and hopes she’s healthy. Mike says he’ll do his best to be the best father. He says he already loves her. He’s pacing and then is called and is excited. He heads into the room and they pull out the baby.

The Miz & Mrs cameras capture every moment of the birth

It’s all live on camera on Miz & Mrs. The baby is crying and Mike says she looks just like him. Maryse gets to kiss her daughter. At home, Monroe Sky Mizanin makes her debut on the show with her parents. Marjorie gets to meet her granddaughter and says she’s gorgeous.

They get her into her first outfit. Mike says you always hear that having a kid changes your life and says it 100% does. They both say it’s the best thing in their lives. They head out of the hospital and Mike says he’s ready to change diapers and the baby is the queen of the house.

That’s it for Miz & Mrs (Proud Papa) Episode 4 of Season 1. Congrats to Mike and Maryse Mizanin on beautiful Monroe Sky Mizanin’s birth! Check back to Soap Dirt often for all the latest reality TV spoilers.