‘Miracle Workers’: TBS Show Cancellation Petition Has 7,900 Sigs – Wrong CEO Name

Miracle Workers on TBS has drawn plenty of fans. However, the limited comedy series also has its enemies. God (Steve Buscemi) is nothing like the cigar-smoking George Burns of the 1970s. Nope – this “god” urges premarital sex. As expected, some viewers of a religious faith are upset.

Miracle Workers Cancellation Petition Draws Signers

The show was born out of the book What in God’s Name by Simon Rich. It may be intended as satire, but that doesn’t lessen the backlash against Miracle Workers. God is written as an inept Creator. Steve Buscemi executive produces the show. And it is his portrayal of a dense and lazy god that has triggered calls for the show to be axed.

Buscemi’s god is a billionaire living large. Meanwhile, Heaven employees keep the imperfect world afloat. He throws tantrums and hinders his “Miracle Workers” as they do their jobs in spite of their Maker. Rather than a glorious Gabriel or mighty Michael, the angels are portrayed as dead people on the payroll of Heaven Inc.

Harry Potter a Saving Grace?

Eliza (Geraldine Viswanathan) is an angel trying to get Laura (Sasha Compere) and Sam (Jon Bass) to love each other. So, Earth faces disaster if she fails. That’s where Harry Potter himself comes to the rescue. Craig (Daniel Radcliffe) is head of the prayers department. So, Eliza begins to challenge his boredom.

Radcliffe also is an executive producer of the outrageous comedy. He plays a bumbling angel who joins forces with Eliza, Sanjay (Karan Soni), and Rosie (Lolly Adefope). The latter work as God’s personal assistants. Miracle Workers is a quirky comedy to some, but outright blasphemy to others.

Comedy draws controversy

Miracle Workers is only 30 minutes per episode. It premiered on Tuesday, February 12, at 10:30 pm on TBS. Yet it didn’t take long for the portrayals of Heaven’s highest to gain buzz. For some, Miracle Workers is considered an opportunity to discuss perceived scriptural inconsistencies. Others want it yanked off the air.

Netflix’s Insatiable gained at least 200,000 signatures on a petition. Will TBS’ Miracle Workers gain more? The show mocks God, say its detractors. Plus, the petition paints the show as irreverent and offensive. Additionally, the offended urge viewers to call on TBS to cancel Miracle Workers ASAP.

Miracle Workers Called “Disgusting Blasphemy”

Miracle Workers will have the Biblicaly perfect number of episodes: seven. But not if the show’s critics can help it. Angels appear more powerful than the boss upstairs. Then, underlings try to stop Yahweh from destroying his own handiwork. The petition calls the TBS show “so offensive and messed up”.

The petition says “God-fearing Christians should find it sickening. God is love and TBS is mocking the omnipotent”. The online petition urges viewers to share their outrage. A sample letter to Phil Kent, CEO of Turner Broadcasting was crafted. However, Kent hasn’t been CEO of TBS since 2014.

Nevertheless, the petition targets him and demands an apology for offensive content aimed at Christians. It reads in part: “I am outraged at the new TBS series Miracle Workers for its blatant mockery of God, His Holy Angels, and Heaven. It is a false portrayal and an offensive jab at God-fearing Christians”. So, will it take a miracle to get this show off the air, or just this growing petition?

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