Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: Bookmakers Expect Royal Baby Announcement Soon

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may make a Royal baby announcement soon – at least that’s what British bookmakers are expecting. English bookies have already concluded that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will soon be making an announcement that they are expecting a baby, so bookmakers have already “slashed” the odds. But those who want to wager on the Royal Family will still have other opportunities.

Bookmakers Believe Royal Baby Announcement Is Imminent

All bets are essentially off for anyone who planned on betting on the royal baby announcement. The Mirror claims that bookies have already “slashed the odds” when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex plan on announcing that they are expecting a royal baby.

Currently, the odds are the lowest they have ever been when placing a bet on when the new royal baby will be announced. Since the time of their engagement, royal watchers have used their devotion to the royal family and bet on this announcement. At the time of their wedding at St. George’s Chapel the odds were at 4/6. Now they are at 1/5. This all has to do with belly ruffles.

Is Meghan Markle Hiding Baby Bump In Tuxedo Mini-Dress And Belly Ruffles?

Meghan and Harry attended the Hamilton premiere in late August. Royal watchers noticed the Duchess of Sussex may be pregnant. She wore a mini-tuxedo dress, but everyone noticed how loose the waistline of the dress was and surmising that she was distracting her baby bump by showing more leg.

Then a few days later, they attended a charity concert. Meghan wore a striking blue Jason Wu dress with vertical ruffles going down the front of the lovely dress. Keen royal watchers believed that she was wearing belly ruffles to cleverly cover up a baby bump. Not only did the former Suits star look beautiful, she looked positively glowing, further fueling pregnancy speculations. Then, the pregnancy was nearly confirmed as it was shown that Prince Harry gently rubbed his wife’s back in a very sweet and loving gesture. Many wondered if this was the confirmation that the Duchess is indeed expecting!

Meghan’s Mom Doria Ragland Took Nanny Classes In Los Angeles

Since May, Meghan’s mom Doria has spent a lot of time with her newly married daughter. Based out of LA, she has taken a lot of secret trips to London in order to support her daughter. Meghan has had to deal with her evil stepsister ranting about her on morning chat shows and on social media. Worst of all, Meghan’s dad, Thomas Markle, had staged photos before their wedding and appeared to have faked a heart attack days before Meghan was to marry Prince Harry at Windsor Castle. Sadly for Meghan, he bowed out of the wedding. Unfortunately, he has also been ranting to the gossip rags and Doria has been Meghan’s rock.

When she wasn’t in London, Doria was back home in Los Angeles where she reportedly took nanny classes. The speculation is that the social worker and yoga teacher is not going to change careers, but instead is preparing to care for a new royal grandbaby. Doria is taking classes at the Cradle Company that include such baby courses as new born care, first aid and CPR.

Could Meghan and Harry already be preparing to have Doria as their nanny? Although a royal grandma nanny is not usually the case for the Royal Family, many Americans may recall that when President Obama moved into the White House, his mother-in-law, Marian Robinson, moved in to help take care of Sasha and Melia Obama. The First Granny took care of the two First Daughters. Perhaps Meghan plans on having the royal Granny take care of her royal baby?

A Royal Baby Brings In A Lot Of Money To Great Britain

Why is a royal baby big news? Like a royal wedding, a baby brings in a lot of money to the United Kingdom. Many estimates are between $50 million dollars to over $120 million dollars. Most of all, betting on the Royal Family increases when it comes to royal baby announcements. People also wager on the sex of the child, when it will be born, and the name of the child.

Much of the boatloads of royal baby money comes from retail sales. Royal watchers will buy items from royal baby memorabilia to royal garments, stroller and blankie replicas. As the child grows up, whatever Meghan and her team dress the child will cause a huge economic effect, as parents scramble to get identical items of clothing. Although Prince George will one day become king, it is his sister Charlotte that has caused a bigger economic impact with her adorable clothes and hair accessories. Some reports state that her impact on the British economy is more than a billion dollars more than her older brother’s.

Clothing may not be the only thing that could influence the public. Prince Harry has missed some big royal hunting trips since his marriage to animal loving Duchess Meghan. Even at the age of five, Prince George has gone on his first hunt. It is very possible that Meghan and Harry’s children will eschew royal hunting traditions for other, more eco friendly pastimes. Perhaps the bookmakers will wager on that as well?

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