‘Marrying Millions’: Meet Gentille Chhun and Brian

Marrying Millions features Gentille Chhun and Brian. The new Lifetime series puts a different spin on dating. Well-off people discover something special with everyday citizens. One of the main questions with arrangements like this is whether or not it’s all for love or the promise of a glitz and glam way of living. What do we know so far about Brian and Gentille?

Marrying Millions: Meet Gentille Chhun & Brian

Marrying Millions spoilers reveal Gentille Chhun is a successful real estate investor. She buys and sells expensive homes. And, by that same token, she lives an extravagant lifestyle on Marrying Millions. To contrast that, Brian is a blue-collar construction worker from Minnesota. On paper, they definitely come from different worlds. Certainly, the kicker is whether or not they mesh.

Brian does what he can with each paycheck on Marrying Millions. Meanwhile, the duo crossed paths when Gentille hired Brian for one of her projects. Certainly, other things grew between them as well. Things started out as a business pairing. But, it developed into something more.

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Marrying Millions Spoilers: Can This New Couple Build a Life Together?

Marrying Millions spoilers showcase drama for Brian and his rich fiance Gentille Chhun. It seems Brian is keeping secrets from her. It turns out Brian resides with his parents. The plot thickens when it’s revealed he hasn’t disclosed this. In the latest teasers, Gentille thinks it’s strange she doesn’t know where her working class lover calls home.

Marrying Millions spoilers raise the stakes when Brian rubs elbows with Gentille Chhun’s rich circle. They imply that if he hurts her, they’ll cut off his junk. Meanwhile, even though Gentille appears to have it all, the one thing she’s missing is family. Does Brian come clean with her? Above all, he won her over with his charm and sense of humor. But, her girlfriends aren’t convinced he’s the right guy for her.

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One of the main draws on Marrying Millions is the opposite ends of the financial spectrum the lovers live on. One partner is in the lap of luxury. On the other hand, the other struggles to keep their head above water. One of the major elements is whether or not these pairs are compatible. Can Gentille Chhun and her man find a middle ground to build the foundation of their relationship?

Gentille’s gal pals are the closest thing she has. Marrying Millions spoilers show Brian struggling to win them over. He is going to need her friends in his corner if he wants this relationship to work. See how it all comes together in the Marrying Millions premiere on Wednesday, July 10 at 10:00 only on Lifetime.

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