‘Married at First Sight’ Spoilers: Jacob Feels Invisible

Married at First Sight spoilers revealed that Jacob Harder feels invisible in his marriage. And he said he doesn’t think that Haley Harris is giving him a chance.

Married at First Sight: Jacob Harder Confronts Wife

In a Married at First Sight spoiler, Jacob Harder confronted Haley Harris about the way she treated him. And Jacob told Haley that he felt invisible in their marriage. He said, “I feel like you look past me.” And explained that even when they’re in the same room, Haley ignored him and acted like he wasn’t even there. And fans thought it was about time Jacob stood up for himself.

Haley Harris seemed confused when her Married at First Sight husband made his statement. And she asked Jacob what he meant. His explanation didn’t seem to sit well with Haley. And she continued to question Jacob Harder about it. Jacob said that the attraction issue was a huge problem. Because he felt that there were things that Haley didn’t like about him. And she never fully explained what those were.

Married at First Sight: Jacob Harder - Haley Harris

Jacob & Haley Can’t Agree on Anything

Jacob Harder and Haley Harris seemed to get off to a good start at their Married at First Sight wedding. And things heated up at the beginning of their honeymoon. But things went progressively downhill after that. Haley backed off and said that she wanted to start off as friends. Which left Jacob confused because they’d already been intimate. And now Haley refused to even touch him.

Haley repeatedly said that she felt like she had to do that in the beginning of their Married at First Sight marriage. Because, “that’s what married people do.” But Jacob Harder thought he must have done something to turn her off. And that Haley Harris just refused to tell him what it was. And Jacob said that it’s impossible to fix their relationship when his wife won’t talk to him about the real problems.

Married at First Sight: Jacob Harder - Haley Harris

Married at First Sight: Where Do They Go from Here?

During the confrontation, Jacob Harder told Haley Harris that he, “didn’t know how to try to bridge a connection.” Because his Married at First Sight wife basically acted like he didn’t exist. And he didn’t think that their relationship had anywhere to go at this point. Haley said that she had been honest with him about everything. And that she had given him everything she could.

The Married at First Sight couple celebrated their one month anniversary. But neither felt like they’d accomplished much during that first month together. And Jacob Harder said that he didn’t feel like things could get any better. He told Haley Harris that she would have to try to really open up. And that he thought she needed to take the experts’ advice and start to change her actions towards him. Because they wouldn’t last another month if she continued to ignore him.

Fans originally rooted for the couple. But as things have gotten worse, most have lost hope the pair will last beyond the experiment. And even Jamie Otis weighed in on the duo and said that the couple could end up surprising everyone. Especially since nobody thought she and Doug Hehner would make it either.

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