‘Married at First Sight’: Shawniece Celebrates Huge Milestone with Jephte Pierre

Married at First Sight pair Shawniece Jackson and groom Jephte Pierre recently celebrated a huge milestone as a couple. Despite a lot of drama and uncertainly early in their marriage, their bond as a couple seems stronger than ever. And, many watchers comment on how good they look together.

Married at First Sight: Shawniece Jackson’s Huge Milestone with Jephte Pierre

Jephte Pierre and Shawniece recently reached a pivotal point in their marriage. The Married at First Sight duo just celebrated their third anniversary. And, as one of nine successful marriages from the Lifetime show, they are an example of when the experts get it right.

Shawniece recently shared some touching words to mark the event. She commented on what an “amazing family” she has. And, in addition to Jephte, this includes her young daughter, Laura. Meanwhile, she didn’t forget to include the family dog, Kiki.

Married at First Sight: Jephte Pierre - Shawniece Jackson - Laura

Married at First Sight: Difficult Times for Jephte & Shawniece

It wasn’t an easy road for Shawniece Jackson and her husband, Jephte Pierre on Married at First Sight. At one point during their marriage, the couple took a break while Shawniece was pregnant with their daughter. And, during that time, they weren’t sure that they’d get back together.

Meanwhile, whether or not Jephte really loved Shawniece was a big question for the duo. Jephte loved his wife as the mother of their child. But, he told Pastor Calvin Roberson point-blank that he wasn’t “in love” with his wife at the time. And, considering where they were and where they are now, they’ve definitely come a long way since their first Married at First Sight season.

Even with all these struggles in their Married at First Sight union, Shawniece Jackson and Jephte are an example of what can happen when couples really put in the time and effort to make their marriage work. And, three years later, they definitely benefit from all the hard work they put in.

Married at First Sight: Jephte Pierre - Shawniece Jackson - Laura

Three Years of Growth for Lifetime Pair

Along with celebrating this landmark in their marriage, Shawniece Jackson noted the hard work that went into making their marriage work. Meanwhile, she said its been three years of “growth,” “love,” and “happiness.” She added that their daughter was a “gift” following their first anniversary.

Also, Shawniece Jackson added that there’s nothing “traditional” about her Married at First Sight marriage to Jephte Pierre. But, even so, they found their “very own path.” Moreover, she also talked about the new ring she got to mark the event. There are three stones on the ring – and, they are symbolic of several different things.

The three stones symbolize their three happy years as a couple. They also stand for Jephte, Shawniece, and their daughter, Laura. Moreover, Shawniece Jackson added that the three stones also represent their past, present, and future. So, it’s a creative way to celebrate this huge milestone. And, for interested Married at First Sight fans, Shawniece said watchers can see the ring on Couples’ Cam.

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