‘Married at First Sight’: Mindy Shiben Stays in Mexico – Will She Ever Return to US?

Married at First Sight star Mindy Shiben recently opened up about living in Mexico and said she was going to stay for a while. Fans wondered when or if she had any plans to return to the US.

Married at First Sight: Mindy Shiben Happy in Mexico

Mindy Shiben answered a bunch of her MAFS followers’ questions recently. Many wanted to know what her plans for the future are. Mindy declared she’s enjoying her time in Central America. And that she spent her days relaxing, doing yoga, and volunteering to teach ESL (English as a second language).

Mindy Shiben even mentioned that she’s considering teaching ESL as a career in the future. So fans asked how long she planned to South of the border. The Married at First Sight fan favorite said she decided to stay there until at least the end of June. Mindy said she’d have to see how things were going with the pandemic at that point.

But she didn’t think she’d move back to Washington D.C., even if she came back to the United States. In the end, Mindy Shiben from Married at First Sight said she wasn’t sure what the future held and that didn’t have any set plans.

Married at First Sight: Mindy Shiben

MAFS Alum Finally Divorced & Single

Viewers of Married at First Sight season 10 knew that Mindy Shiben’s marriage to Zach Justice didn’t work out. And they asked Mindy if the divorce was actually finalized now. She “yes, heck yes.” And she added that she was very happy to be single. She also said she doesn’t keep in touch with Zach. No surprise there!

Mindy said although she does get lonely sometimes, she knew that it’s just a feeling and it would pass. But she did clarify that it wasn’t an intense feeling and didn’t happen often. Mindy told her followers that she doesn’t regret doing Married at First Sight because she grew a lot by going on the show. And she clarified that she wouldn’t change anything about the way she acted.

Mindy Shiben added that she’d made some mistakes on Married at First Sight, but that she learned from them. She said it was worth it for her. But, one of the things she really loved about being in Mexico was that nobody recognized her. And she liked being able to go back to living a normal life.

Married at First Sight: Mindy Shiben

Mindy Dishes on Current Married at First Sight Cast

After answering personal questions, Mindy Shiben weighed in on the current Married at First Sight season. Fans wanted to know her thoughts on each couple. They already knew Mindy didn’t like Chris. And she said the only advice she’d offer Paige, besides leaving, was to make sure to love herself. And she recommended Paige not let Chris devalue her or lower her own self-worth.

Mindy said she knew that was easier said than done, but it was important for Paige. As for the other Married at First Sight couples, Mindy Shiben’s favorite is Vincent and Briana. She said they were adorable and she loved their wedding. It was obvious to her that they were a good match. Next, Mindy revealed she really liked Erik and Virginia. And that Erik just seemed like the nicest person around. She was convinced that he was a great guy and that their MAFS marriage stood a chance.

Then, Mindy Shiben says that Clara and Ryan baffled her at the beginning. But explained that Married at First Sight couple was growing on her. She said she could really see how much Ryan liked Clara whenever he smiled at his wife. Last, Mindy said Jacob and Haley were obviously both a little shy and awkward. And she thought their communication needed some help. She said the couple seemed to be stuck. And she wasn’t sure if they could get out of their rut.

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