‘Married at First Sight’: Mindy Shiben Is Living Luxury Life in Mexico

Married at First Sight star Mindy Shiben (the ex of Zach Justice) reveals her luxury lifestyle in Mexico. She moved there after kicking Zach to the curb. She started fresh and put her Lifetime past behind her. Meanwhile, she recently answered a lot of questions about moving and adjusting to things there.

Married at First Sight: Mindy Shiben’s Move to Mexico

Married at First Sight‘s Mindy Shiben traded DC for Playa del Carmen – a popular coastal resort town across the border. Mindy looked for a fresh start after everything she experienced with Zach Justice on Married at First Sight. And she certainly seems to have found it there.

Mindy recently spent time at The Grand at Moon Palace – a luxury resort. Meanwhile, she didn’t spend time at the popular tourist spot alone. One of her besties flew in, and the pair took in the sights – along with everything the place has to offer. Mindy even took a photo jumping for joy on the beach now that she is no longer with Married at First Sight‘s Zach Justice.

Married at First Sight star Mindy Shiben said she would miss things like “boot season” back home in America. But based on the latest pics, she certainly doesn’t seem to mind the climate. And overall, she seems happy with her decision to ditch the old for something new.

Married at First Sight: Mindy Shiben

Married at First Sight: Mindy Dishes on Living in Another Country

Married at First Sight watchers have questions for Mindy since she decided to pack up and leave America. Many viewers want to know how she spends her time – along with what it’s like to live there full-time since she made the jump and decided to call Playa del Carmen home.

According to Mindy Shiben, there are a lot of perks. One of the most obvious ones right off the bat is the cost of living. Mindy said she found a condo with the help of some friends. And the Married at First Sight personality pays 1,800 pesos a month there (a little over $900).

Mindy Shiben added that this is a major price drop compared to what she paid back in America. Meanwhile, this also includes other things like weekly cleaning, WiFi, fresh towels, and more. Married at First Sight alum Mindy said she “fell in love” with the place. And she plans to stay for at least six months. As a bonus, she is also within walking distance from the beach.

Married at First Sight: Mindy Shiben

Lifetime MAFS Star Finding Silver Lining

When signing up for Married at First Sight, Mindy Shiben expected to have a husband – and maybe even children by now. But life threw a wrench into those plans when things didn’t work out with Zach Justice. Meanwhile, Mindy takes what’s thrown at her and makes the best of it. And she seems genuinely happy where she is.

One big question many Married at First Sight fans have is what Zach Justice’s Lifetime match does for money to afford this new lifestyle south of the border. The skating instructor said she worked all her life. And because of that, she can live off of her savings for the time being.

As for other income sources, Mindy Shiben considers teaching English online. In the meantime, because the dollar stretches far in Mexico, she seems content enjoying herself. She added that she wants to see where life takes her. And many Married at First Sight watchers are happy for her as she begins a new chapter.

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