‘Married at First Sight’: Luke Cuccurullo’s New Baby Is the Cutest

Married at First Sight star Luke Cuccurullo caught fans eyes when he introduced his new baby. Lifetime viewers said that the new arrival was the perfect friend for his other baby.

Married at First Sight: Luke Cuccurullo Welcomes Yuki

Luke Cuccurullo from Married at First Sight has a little pup that he brings everywhere with him. But one adorable dog wasn’t enough, and he now has a new little dog named Yuki. Fans said they couldn’t deal with how adorable the new addition to his family was.

MAFS husband Luke got a very bad wrap on the show when he was gaslighting Kate Sisk. But it does look like he has a caring heart for his dogs. And fans think it is cute that he is growing his family with his girlfriend.

Viewers from Married at First Sight said it looks like both of Luke’s dogs get along. And they said he must have wanted his and hers dogs. He said, “This is my life now,” as he sat there, and both of the dogs jumped on him.

Married at First Sight: Luke Cuccurullo

Former MAFS Wife Sticks Up for Luke

When most Married at First Sight fans hear the name Luke Cuccurullo – they think “worst husband.” But it seems like there is one wife from the show that thinks he is a good guy with a big heart. Amber Bowles from season 9 of the show said that Luke isn’t as bad as people say.

Amber from MAFS even went so far as to sing Luke’s praises. She said that he’d become one of her best friends, and fans shared their shock. Amber Bowles suggested people give him a break because he’s not the villain.

Kate might say otherwise and even said that production forced her to stay with Luke Cuccurullo. Even when Kate Sisk wanted to leave, she would have had to pay $100,000, according to the Married at First Sight contract.

Married at First Sight: Amber Bowles - Luke Cuccurullo

Married at First Sight: Life after the Show Looks Good

Luke doesn’t seem like he let Married at First Sight knock him off course. And now he found a girl that is more his type and seems to be a good match with him. They work on different projects together, and they look very happy.

Despite how he treated Kate on the show, some people say he deserves to be happy. And that they hope Kate Sisk is happy with her life as well. Viewers noticed that Kate went brunette and wondered if she wanted to make Luke feel bad that he missed out.

Married at First Sight fans said there was one thing that they knew. And that was that his dogs are some of the cutest out of the dogs they’ve seen on the show.

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