‘Married at First Sight’: Keith Manley Reflects on Love and Life as Pandemic Continues

Married at First Sight alum Keith Manley learns a valuable lesson in life during his time in lockdown. The ex of Iris Caldwell seems to reflect on life as the world continues to battle the coronavirus. Keith has been trying to stay positive during such trying times and hopes his fans will do the same.

Married at First Sight: Keith Manley Shares Inspiring Words Amid Crisis

Earlier this week, Keith Manley revealed what he realized after months of quarantine. The Married at First Sight former cast member spent most of his time at home as the global pandemic continues. With all the extra time on his hands, Keith seemingly made important realizations in life.

In an Instagram post, Iris Caldwell’s former husband implied that some alone time made him appreciate what’s really important in life. He also said that despite everything that’s going on, he still considers it a “blessing in disguise”. Keith hopes that these tough times will not only bring people closer together but closer to God as well.

Married at First Sight: Keith Manley

MAFS Star Talks About Playing Games in Relationships

Meanwhile, Keith Manley also shared his thoughts on keeping options open when looking for “the one”. In a lengthy video, the Married at First Sight celeb talked about people that “play games” and how some find them difficult to handle.

Keith revealed that he had so many conversations with people saying they’re tired of dealing with players. While many find it inappropriate, Keith seems more understanding of it. The reality star said playing the game in a relationship isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The MAFS celebrity explains that a lot of times, it is a form of “defense mechanism”. Keith Manley added that it’s not about the “game” itself but “how you play” it. He pointed out that for some, it may be their “best shot” at finding the right person.

Married at First Sight: Keith Manley

Married at First Sight Fans Not Impressed With Keith’s Opinion

Despite his views, Keith Manley clarified that he’s “not advocating dishonesty or manipulation”. The Married at First Sight star said he’s only trying to make people see that “approach is everything”.

But not everyone’s a fan of Keith’s analogy. Some expressed disagreement on Iris Caldwell’s ex, saying “love is not a game”. Others pointed out that trust and honesty are important factors in a relationship, which are hard to establish if a person tends to play around.

Another commenter suggested that Keith Manley doesn’t seem ready to settle down with a woman for good. Surprisingly, he did not deny and seemingly agreed with the assumption.

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