‘Married at First Sight’: Katie Conrad Shows off Gorgeous Engagement Ring

Married at First Sight‘s Katie Conrad left her MAFS husband Derek Sherman in the dust. And now she’s engaged again and has a gorgeous engagement ring.

Married at First Sight: Brandon Eaves Gets Engaged to Katie Conrad

Katie Conrad of Married at First Sight met her dream man, Brandon Eaves, on the dating app Hinge. She announced their relationship to the public a little after mother’s day. And they spend a lot of time out boating with their dog.

Married at First Sight star Katie Conrad said she couldn’t believe she was engaged. And that if someone had told her this would happen at the beginning of the year, she wouldn’t have believed them. Katie went on to say that despite the challenges this year, that it was the best year of her life.

Katie, from Married at First Sight, said that Brandon is her best friend. And that she will continue to choose him forever. She went on to say that she cannot wait to be Brandon Eaves’ wife.

Married at First Sight: Katie Conrad

Katie Conrad’s Divorce Is Final

When Married at First Sight celeb Katie and boyfriend Brandon first started dating, she was still legally in a marriage with Derek. But not too after they began to date, the divorce was final, and Derek Sherman shared a picture of a celebratory drink.

Katie Conrad didn’t say anything about the divorce. And it seems she is focusing on her new man and leaving Married at First Sight in the past. Katie did say that she had a lot of trouble after her appearance on the Lifetime show.

For instance, she said that Married at First Sight fans sent hate messages to her. But she said she didn’t deserve any of it—even if people didn’t like her on the show. Katie Conrad said she wished Derek Sherman the best with his life but that they weren’t right together.

Married at First Sight: Katie Conrad

Married at First Sight: Preparing for Marriage

Katie Conrad shared her excitement about being a “real wife.” Former cast member, Taylor Dunklin, is the one that said she is now a real wife. She also said that this was “proof that not all Brandons are bad.”

It seems like Katie remains friends with much of the season 10 MAFS cast. She got congratulations from Jessica Studer, Mindy Shiben, and Meka Jones. Viewers said it seems like Katie is much happier with Brandon than she was with Derek.

Despite being the villain of the show, Katie does not think she did anything wrong. She does, however, say that she wished she would have dealt with things better. Whatever the case, many fans of Married at First Sight say they wish her and her fiance many happy years ahead of them.

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