‘Married at First Sight’: Henry Rodriguez’s ‘Girlfriend’ Approves of Olivia Cornu?

Married at First Sight alum Henry Rodriguez continues to spark dating rumors with his fellow co-star Olivia Cornu. The two have been spotted on another outing recently, looking cozier than ever. And it looks like one of Henry’s “mean girlfriends” gave their seal of approval to Olivia. This is something Christina didn’t get when she’s still Henry’s wife.

Married at First Sight: Henry Rodriguez & Olivia Cornu Romance Rumors

Henry Rodriguez and Olivia Cornu sent fans into a frenzy once again after they stepped out on what appeared to be another date. The Married at First Sight cast members spent a fun night out at a wine bar in New Orleans, along with some friends.

Olivia shared a snap from the outing, which raised even more speculations about the real score between her and Married at First Sight‘s Henry. In the photo, Brett Lindsey’s ex-wife and Christina’s ex-husband looked rather cozy with each other. Olivia sweetly rested her head on Henry’s shoulder as they beamed for the camera. It’s clear that the pair is comfortable with each other’s company.

Ever since their stint on Married at First Sight ended, fans have been pairing Olivia Cornu and Henry Rodriguez. A lot of people think they are more compatible with each other than their ex-spouses. However, the two have yet to confirm whether or not they intend to take their friendship to a more romantic level.

Married at First Sight: Henry Rodriguez - Olivia Cornu

MAFS: Henry’s Lady Friend Likes Olivia More Than Christina?

Meanwhile, Henry Rodriguez’s close friend Kristin Bentley seemed to be the third wheel on his latest outing with Olivia Cornu. The Married at First Sight star’s female best friend was present during his night out with Olivia. She even posed with the pair, looking quite happy.

It seems Henry’s “picky” lady friend approves of his special friendship with Olivia. The two appeared to get along well as seen in their latest photo together. Kristin and Olivia were all smiles as they posed next to Henry, who also looked like he’s having fun.

Married at First Sight: Henry Rodriguez - Olivia Cornu - Kristin Bentley

Married at First Sight Star’s Friend Kristin Secretly in Love With Him?

Kristin Bentley’s friendly demeanor towards Olivia Cornu is a far cry from her approach to Christina. During their time on Married at First Sight, she and MTV’s The Real World star Trishelle Cannatella voiced out their disapproval of Henry Rodriguez’s experimental wife. At one point, she even said they will not easily welcome any girl in Henry’s life, especially if they don’t know her well. So seeing her being nice and accepting of Olivia, either as Henry’s friend or a romantic interest, is definitely surprising.

However, some are still convinced that Kristin is secretly in love with Henry Rodriguez. Apparently, some think their relationship isn’t really platonic at all. But Henry is adamant that they are just friends. During an interview with Jamie Otis’ Unfiltered, he maintained that they never dated. He said they’ve been friends for almost eight years now and plans on keeping it that way — at least for now.

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