‘Married at First Sight’: Henry Rodriguez Competes with Ryan Oubre

Married at First Sight husband Henry Rodriguez has come out of his shell since his appearance on Lifetime. In fact, he even called Ryan Oubre out and said he was better than him at a certain activity.

Married at First Sight: Henry Rodriguez Vs. Ryan Oubre

Henry Rodriguez from MAFS still enjoys watching the show. The husband he chose to pick on recently was Ryan Oubre. Ryan and wife Clara Fergus went out on paddleboards just like Henry and Christina did when they were on their honeymoon in Mexico.

Married at First Sight star Henry Rodriguez said he thought he did much better than Ryan Oubre did. And he had to add that Ryan didn’t almost become a widow like Henry almost did during his paddle board adventure. Even though fans might say he overreacted a little bit.

Fans of Married at First Sight said it’s nice to see Henry making jokes. But fans feel split on the issue about who did better on the paddleboards. Most people do agree that Henry seemed a little more scared than Ryan did.

Married at First Sight: Henry Rodriguez

Henry and Ryan Similar in Their Actions?

Married at First Sight celebrity Henry Rodriguez wouldn’t kiss his wife on the show. Fans wanted him to kiss her and go as far as sealing the deal, but that didn’t happen. Now viewers feel like Ryan Oubre is almost doing the same thing to Clara Fergus.

There are some big differences when it comes to Ryan and Clara and Henry and Christina. For instance, Ryan and his wifey Clara have kissed and done other things while Henry Rodriguez didn’t really want Christina to touch him. Fans also pointed out that Henry had a train wreck of a match to deal with.

Married at First Sight superstar Henry Rodriguez had to deal with some major drama with Christina. She even questioned if he even liked girls because he didn’t have an interest in her. On the other hand, Clara and husband Ryan seem to have a much healthier relationship despite the lack of bedroom action.

Married at First Sight: Ryan Oubre

Married at First Sight: The Experts are Off Their Game

Many viewers of MAFS said the experts are off their game. Despite this, Pastor Cal Roberson said he would never match people for drama. Fans said they didn’t know if it would be worse if they did it on purpose or if they were that blind to differences.

Married at First Sight cast member Henry doesn’t seem to regret going on the show. However, fans said they bet he wished he would have gotten a better match. Christina constantly picked him apart and even made fun of him for his insecurities.

Ryan Oubre of Married at First Sight seems to love Clara and spoilers point to a happy outcome for the couple.

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