‘Married at First Sight’: Dumpster Fire Season Gets Best Ratings?

Married at First Sight fans might have made their worst nightmare come true. Lifetime viewers continue to say that they hate this season of the show. In fact, many people say they are almost done watching the show – but that doesn’t show in the ratings.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams and Paige Banks are the Worst

The first couple MAFS fans can’t bear to watch is Chris Williams and Paige Banks. During the previews before the show aired, people thought one of the wives become pregnant. When it turned out that it was an ex – it was the biggest drama piece ever on the show.

The network renewed for multiple seasons, and now Married at First Sight might have even more drama like this season. Fans think this season has proven toxic because of how terrible the matches are. The ratings are through the roof this season, and fans said – money talks.

Chris Williams and wife Paige Banks brought the drama to this season. Married at First Sight watchers couldn’t believe Paige kept going back to Chris after each of his stunts. Finally, people said she deserved whatever was coming to her since she decided to stay.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams - Paige Banks

Clara Fergus & Ryan Oubre Experience Frustration

Married at First Sight wifey Clara Fergus couldn’t understand why Ryan Oubre acted like a stick in the mud. She wanted all of the bedroom activity and didn’t know why he didn’t want it with her. In fact, it seemed like she worried she might be wasting her time.

Ryan from Married at First Sight said marriage is a two-way street. He wouldn’t want Clara to do anything she didn’t want to do, and he wouldn’t want her to pressure him into it either. Fans think that sounds fair but that they might not be a good match since they have such different views on bedroom time.

Married at First Sight couple Clara and Ryan look like they want to work. But fans aren’t sure the experts did a good job matching the two together. Some people even say that Ryan Oubre is too boring for Clara Fergus.

Married at First Sight: Vincent Morales - Briana Morris

Married at First Sight: Briana Morris & Vincent Morales Children Worries

Briana Morris from the show Married at First Sight seemed to get along with her husband Vincent Morales, but even they started having drama. They had some minor issues, but there is a major issue between them now – children. Vincent wants to have children, but Briana said she has a fear of having kids.

Briana Morris from the TV show Married at First Sight said she’s afraid of being pregnant, giving birth, and also being a mom. Not only that, they are having issues over money. Briana is a big spender, and Vincent is a more frugal person.

Fans say this season is a mess, and they hope the top 150 cable television ratings don’t make the producers put on more dumpster fire seasons.

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