‘Married at First Sight’: Dr. Viviana Coles Calls Fans Nasty?

Married at First Sight‘s Dr. Viviana Coles said that she thinks that fans have gone too far when they talked about the season 12 cast members. In fact, she even said that the comments are nasty and disgusting.

Married at First Sight: Dr. Viviana Coles Loses It on Fans

Dr. Viviana Coles of Married at First Sight was reading through some of the fan comments. And she said that she couldn’t hold her tongue anymore. Viviana went on to say that “these are real people” and that people should just wish them well and watch their journey.

Not all Married at First Sight fans agreed with what Dr. Viviana said. But she went on to say that she was glad that people “care” about them. She did say that their actions and words didn’t show that they cared.

Viviana of Married at First Sight said any other comments were mean-spirited and thoughtless. Fans said it was strange that Viviana Coles would come out and say things like this to fans. They said she had no room to talk since she did the worst thing to some of these couples.

Married at First Sight: Viviana Coles

Fans Jab Back at Dr. Viviana Coles

Married at First Sight fans said that if anyone was mean and thoughtless, it was her. And their main point was matching anyone with a man that was in a relationship only three months prior. They went on to say that show they just care about the ratings.

MAFS viewers went on to say that the production of the show has a big part to play in what people say. And that half of the time, what they make it look like isn’t even true. One even said that they don’t see why they matched a young party girl with an older mature man.

After Dr. Viviana Coles said this, fans went at each other’s throats. But most people were against some of the less than perfect matches the experts made since adding two more couples. Married at First Sight viewers said they get that not everyone will work out but that some of the matches are terrible.

Married at First Sight: Viviana Coles - Pepper Schwartz - Calvin Roberson

Married at First Sight: More Arrows Flying

One fan of Married at First Sight recommended shutting off comments so viewers couldn’t say mean things. But others said they agree that people should be nice but that the experts should act more responsibly. And Dr. Viviana Coles and the experts are hurting people from the bad matches they make.

“It’s starting to make no sense at all how you come to these matches.” said one viewer. They went on to say that they hope they are truly trying to match people and not matching for ratings. And others pointed out that Lifetime asked specifically for “Thoughts on the newlyweds?”

Dr. Viviana from Married at First Sight said that “showing concern” doesn’t look like this. And went on to point out that people haven’t even seen any of their marriage yet, so they have no idea how it works out.

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