‘Married at First Sight’: Doug Hehner Near Tears Over Loss

Married at First Sight stars Doug Hehner and Jamie Otis went through a major scare. In fact, Doug was almost in tears as he asked for people in the area to help them.

Married at First Sight: Doug Hehner Looks for Lady

Doug Hehner went out with Henley Hehner to look for their dog, Lady. The Married at First Sight family has a chihuahua-pincher mix pup, and she got out. Doug and the family have only lived in Florida for a few months, and they worried they wouldn’t see her again.

Married at First Sight husband Doug Hehner asked for anyone to contact them if they saw Lady. Henley was upset that her puppy wasn’t with them, but thankfully the story turned out well. Doug said they never taught their dog to be afraid of strangers, and she had jumped in someone’s car.

Doug from MAFS was so happy to have his little friend back. And his eyes were still teary from almost losing his furry buddy. Jamie was in the background laughing happily, and Lady looked like she was proud of her adventure.

Married at First Sight: Doug Hehner

Jamie Otis & Doug Try for Another Baby

Married at First Sight wife Jamie Otis is 34 now, so if she and Doug Hehner want to have another baby, they need to work on it right away. And that is exactly what Jamie said they are doing now. The last thing they needed to deal with was the stress of a lost dog, and they were happy to have Lady back.

Jamie from Married at First Sight took a pregnancy test recently. She and Doug said that they still didn’t have a baby on the way, but he did like all of the trying to have the baby. Jamie hinted that Doug might be happier finding out that she wasn’t pregnant.

Married at First Sight fans saw Jamie and Doug go through a lot of trouble during multiple pregnancies. And even after the babies were born, Jamie struggled with her emotions. The MAFS hubby did his best to be there for his wife, but it was still difficult.

Married at First Sight: Jamie Otis - Doug Hehner

Married at First Sight: Enjoy Their New Life in Florida

Lifetime’s Doug Hehner said it was amazing to see the support they had in their new neighborhood. In fact, he said despite being strangers, people in their community helped them. Fans of Married at First Sight said they were happy to hear everything was going much better.

MAFS husband Doug Hehner seems to like Florida more than he thought he would. Jamie thought it would be a good idea to move to Florida during the winter. But Doug didn’t totally love the idea.

Now that they’ve been there for a while, he seems pretty happy about how things are going. Even with their dog scare, everything turned out well for the family.

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