‘Married at First Sight’: Do Greg Okotie and Deonna Have Baby Fever?

Married at First Sight husband and wife Greg Okotie and Deonna McNeill may have a baby soon based on recent Couples’ Cam footage. MAFS couples taking the next step on their journey and having babies is an ongoing topic among watchers. And, it looks like this duo may be next in line. What’s the scoop?

Married at First Sight: Does Deonna McNeill Have Baby Fever?

The latest episode of Married at First Sight: Couples’ Cam catches up with Deonna McNeill and hubby Greg Okotie at an interesting time in their relationship. Deonna got a baby doll. And, she makes him carry it around everywhere – and even put a seat belt on it in the car.

Deonna McNeill has Greg Okotie take their “son” out and about when he runs errands. Greg says Deonna’s baby fever is “still going strong”. And, with everything she has Greg do with this doll, a real baby for the Married at First Sight couple may not be too far off.

Married at First Sight: Deonna McNeill - Greg Okotie

MAFS: Is Greg Okotie Ready to Be a Dad?

Going from marriage to children is a huge step for any couple. And, it looks like Married at First Sight wife Deonna McNeill wants to test the waters with Greg Okotie before welcoming the real thing into the world. Greg isn’t too enthusiastic about taking the doll everywhere. But, he is certainly a good sport about it.

Meanwhile, there’s a reason Deonna has her husband do this. She says she wants him to get used to having the baby doll around. Alternatively, she wants him to get so fed up that he opts for the real thing instead. Either way, it looks like Deonna McNeill is more than ready to start a family with her man.

Interestingly, Greg humors his wife and plays along on Married at First Sight: Couples’ Cam. So, it certainly looks like he is open to starting a family with her, too. Moreover, if and when that happens is certainly something to watch moving forward.

Married at First Sight: Greg Okotie - Deonna McNeill

Big Milestones for Married at First Pair Greg & Deonna

Greg Okotie and spouse Deonna McNeill reached some big milestones in their relationship recently. They celebrated their one-year anniversary as a married couple. And, they ate the top of their Married at First Sight wedding cake to mark the event.

Meanwhile, they even started their own clothing brand with a customer base that stretches beyond Married at First Sight fans. And, they even got fellow cast member Amber Bowles to model their clothing.

The first year of marriage is often the hardest for most couples. But, Deonna McNeill and spouse Greg Okotie find ways to make it work. With that first year behind them and a successful business to their name, adding a baby into the mix is definitely the next step. And, with all the prepping Deonna does to get her husband ready, this may happen sooner rather than later.

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