‘Married at First Sight’: Deonna McNeill & Greg Okotie Welcome New Baby

Married at First Sight couple Deonna McNeill and husband Greg Okotie that they welcomed their new baby boy over the weekend. After they revealed the baby’s gender, fans couldn’t wait to hear what the couple named their new son.

Married at First Sight: Deonna McNeill Reveals Baby O’s Name

Recently, Deonna McNeill shared with her Married at First Sight fans the exciting news about Baby O. She said that “after a long 36 hours of labor” she and Greg Okotie welcomed their son into the world. The couple said that they’re already in love with him. And Deonna finally revealed that their son’s name was Declan Okotie. After calling him Baby O for month, followers said they were excited that he finally had a name.

Deonna McNeill thanked everyone for the well wishes and support. She assured fans that everyone was doing great. And said that she couldn’t be happier. Deonna said that the Married at First Sight family made it home. And that she and Greg Okotie were adjusting to their new life. Deonna said that the couple was relieved that their dog Sandy, who they called Declan’s brother, seemed to love the baby already too. And the whole family was excited to be home together.

Married at First Sight: Greg Okotie - Deonna McNeill

MAFS: Greg Okotie Happy to Finally Be a Dad

When the Married at First Sight husband and wife revealed their baby’s gender recently, Greg Okotie said he couldn’t wait for his son to be born. He even commented that it seemed like Deonna McNeill had been pregnant forever. And Deonna agreed. But now the wait was over. And Greg said that he’s excited to finally be a dad. Fans joked that Greg already was a dad to Deonna’s beloved dog, Sandy.

Greg Okotie did adjust to having a dog, but he’s allergic as well. So he doesn’t get to shower Sandy with affection. And as seen on Married at First Sight, Greg had a lot of love and affection to give to his wife Deonna. And although she didn’t love it as much in the beginning, she said she enjoys getting compliments these days. But now, Greg has his baby boy, Declan, that he can spoil and drown with attention. And Deonna McNeill said that she knew Greg would be the best dad.

Married at First Sight: Declan Okotie

Married at First Sight: Greg & Deonna Excited For the Future

When Greg Okotie and Deonna McNeill met on Married at First Sight, fans weren’t sure the couple would make it. But the happy pair proved viewers wrong. Their season first aired in 2019 and the couple is still going strong. And they’ve become one of the few success stories from the show. Shortly after the duo decided to stay together, they opened their own apparel company. And have been very successful.

The new addition to their adorable family was just the next step for the Married at First Sight pair. Baby O, or Declan, will bring a whole new adventure for
Greg and Deonna to share together. And over the past few months, Deonna McNeill and husband Greg said they couldn’t wait for this new chapter of their lives. Supporters said they’re so happy for the couple. And they can’t wait to see more pictures of Declan Okotie in the future.

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