‘Married at First Sight’: Bennett Kirschner Gets Unexpected Late Night Visit

Married at First Sight alum Bennett Kirschner continues to enjoy his life in New Orleans without Amelia Fatsi but got a late-night visit that surprised him recently. The theater director is currently living apart from his wife, who started her medical residency in Virginia. Despite being temporarily away from his wife, Bennett still found a way to have fun — all thanks to his fellow cast members.

Married at First Sight: Bennett Kirschner Spruces up Tiny Home

There are just some things Bennett Kirschner can’t let go of, including his famous “tiny house.” The Married at First Sight celeb is a proud owner of a humble abode, which he built by himself. The place definitely reflects his laid-back personality.

And even though Amelia Fatsi, his wife, wasn’t really a fan of the house at first, he still kept it. Recently, Bennett made some drastic changes to his tiny home. The star from Married at First Sight spruced up his residence with new paint. Amelia’s husband opted for a light blue color with peach accents.

It is yet to be seen if he made big changes on the interior as well. Bennett seems very pleased with the result of his mini-renovation as he proudly posed in front of it. It’ll definitely be a pleasant surprise for his Married at First Sight wife, Amelia Fatsi when she gets back home to be with Bennett Kirschner.

Married at First Sight: Bennett Kirschner

Bennett Gets Surprise Visit From Brett Lindsey

Married at First Sight‘s Bennett Kirschner did not waste time and already welcomed guests to his newly painted house. Amelia Fatsi’s spouse got a surprise late-night visit from none other than Brett Lindsey. The ex-husband of Olivia Cornu dropped by Bennett’s place for a low-key get-together.

His new girlfriend, Brittany Sleeter, accompanied Brett Lindsey. The couple appeared to enjoy Bennett’s company, as seen in the photo below. Brett also admired his co-star’s cozy house. “Beer, Bennett, and Brittany. I couldn’t ask for a better time. Tiny house was awesome btw!” he said.

Married at First Sight: Brett Lindsey - Bennett Kirschner

Married at First Sight Star Enjoys New Orleans with Cast Members

This is not the first time a fellow MAFS cast member dropped by Bennett Kirschner’s place. Earlier this week, Married at First Sight’s Miles Williams went out for an evening stroll when he passed by Bennett’s house. He peeked through the window and saw Amelia’s husband busy playing his saxophone.

Bennett Kirschner is a clear favorite by Married at First Sight fans and the other couples. The same goes for his equally quirky wife. Unfortunately, it might take a while before she’s back to her husband and MAFS pals. With her residency underway, she likely has her hands full with medical duties.

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