‘Married At First Sight’: Anthony D’Amico And Ashley Petta Buy A House

Married At First Sight: Happily Ever After recap shows Anthony D’Amico and Ashley Petta decide to take the plunge and put an offer on a house. Plus, Shawniece Jackson finally kisses Jephte Pierre after a five-month break because of trust issues. MAFS has Danielle Bergman so sick she doesn’t want intimacy with Bobby Dodd. Meanwhile, the relationship experts assign intimacy exercises. Here’s what happened last time on Married At First Sight: Happily Ever After. 

Married At First Sight: Happily Ever After – Danielle Too Sick For Fun

Married At First Sight: Happily Ever After stars, Bobby Dodd and Danielle Bergman don’t exactly see eye to eye during their intimacy exercise. The big question is, “What do you want romance to look like during pregnancy?” Bobby wants them both to make more time for intimacy while Danielle doesn’t think anything needs to change.

Danielle’s morning sickness has been very intense. She is sick in the morning and sick at night so that doesn’t leave much room for intimacy or romance. Danielle Bergman and Bobby Dodd also have their first ultrasound, a very exciting milestone in their pregnancy.

Danielle Gets Better – Bobby Wants to Get Busy

Married At First Sight shows Danielle is concerned that she is so sick so often. The doctor puts Danielle on a medication for nausea and that leaves Bobby hopeful that they can get back to the honeymoon stage of their marriage. The ultrasound goes well and Bobby and Danielle are thrilled to see their baby for the first time. The medication does wonders for Danielle.

She feels much better and is doing more around the house so it’s easier on Bobby. With Danielle feeling normal, they decide to go out to celebrate. Bobby is certain they are on the right track for ending the evening with ‘sexy time’. However, once they get home Danielle is sick again and ‘sexy time’ is off the table. Bobby is beginning to think that he is the one making Danielle sick.

Anthony D’Amico And Ashley Petta – Taking The Plunge

Married At First Sight: Happily Ever After’s Anthony D’Amico and Ashley Petta have decided to go for it and buy a house. They did some house hunting and only one seemed like the right fit. So they put down an offer and it was accepted. They will be moving into their new house in about four weeks.

During Anthony and Ashley’s intimacy exercise, they both agree that the romance in their marriage hasn’t changed since pregnancy. They both feel that romance is making time for each other and doing little things to show affection. They also feel that they’re making a lot of progress with improving their communication. Ashley and Anthony have a lot on their plate but they seem to be doing really well on Married At First Sight.

MAFS – Shawniece Finally Kisses Jephte

Married At First Sight: Happily Ever After stars, Shawniece Jackson and Jephte Pierre are making fantastic progress in their marriage. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges. With Jephte being back at work Shawniece is feeling very overwhelmed. She has baby Laura, the housework and their dog Kiki to take care of. It is a lot to handle and Shawniece is trying to get Jephte to understand.

Not only is Shawniece overwhelmed, she feels that Jephte doesn’t love her. She sees how much love he gives to baby Laura and she wishes that she could get some of that love as well. Shawniece also confided in Jephte she doesn’t think she can give him what he needs. She feels like they’re working on all these issues for him to be a better man for someone else.

During their exercise on Married At First Sight, Jephte expressed that he thinks kissing is the most intimate thing you can do besides have sex. Shawniece agreed and said that that’s why she has not kissed him in five months. Shawniece and Jephte went on a much-needed first date as new parents.

They had a touching and heartfelt conversation. By the end of the night, Shawniece kissed Jephte because and they definitely seem like they are on the right track. The MAFS couples are getting stronger every day. Tune in to Lifetime Tuesdays at 10 PM to keep up with your favorite MAFS couple.

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