‘Mama June: From Not to Hot’ – What is June’s Big Secret?

Mama June: From Not to Hot star June Shannon is keeping something major from her family, and soon, she drops a huge bombshell and shocks them all. Clearly, there’s not much more they can take, and June’s secret may change everything on the WEtv reality show.

Mama June: From Not to Hot – June Shannon Hiding Something Big

Mama June: From Not to Hot fan-fave June Shannon is hiding something big from her family. In the next episode, she takes a drug test, and there is good news and not so good news. Of course, the first thought is that she may still have drugs in her system. Although, she swears she is clean.

So, it may be that there is something medically wrong with Mama. Lately, chatter going around is that something may be wrong with her Iiver or kidneys. Also, her daughter Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon softens toward her mother soon. So, she may worry about Mama’s health on the next Mama June: From Not to Hot. 

Mama June: From Not To Hot - June Shannon

Mama Married to Geno? Fears Her Family’s Reaction

Mama June: From Not to Hot updates suspect June Shannon and Geno Doak might be husband and wife. Of course, that would infuriate her family because they don’t want her anywhere near Geno. However, he may have twisted her arm to tie the knot to keep them out of prison.

Of course, if she is his wife, she can’t testify against him and he can’t testify against her either. They can’t even talk about the other’s crimes if they are hitched. So, there’s a good chance, if they’re married, it’ll help their case in court. If so, she is most likely nervous to tell her family he is her husband.

Mama June: From Not To Hot - Alana Thompson - Pumpkin Shannon - Josh Efird

Is Geno Emotionally Abusive – Threatened Mama’s Girls?

There’s another thought that’s out there among Mama June: From Not to Hot fans. Perhaps, Geno is threatening Mama with the safety of her children. He may have told her he would hurt her daughters in some way if she doesn’t do what he wants. No doubt, many fans believe Mama loves her girls and puts them above all else.

So, she might’ve stayed away to protect them. Also, many folks believe Geno forced her to drugs, and then she became hooked and couldn’t stop. So, the huge secret may be that the abuse goes deeper than they know. And, she was protecting her kids – not abandoning them. Keep watching Mama June: From Not to Hot to see the bombshell June Shannon drops on her family.

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