‘Mama June: From Not to Hot’ – Geno Doak Breaks Diet – Is He Overfeeding June?

Mama June: From Not to Hot celebs Geno Doak and girlfriend June Shannon are big on staying healthy these days. However, Geno is slacking on his diet lately with greasy fried recipes. So, he may make it harder for Mama to eat right and slim back down.

Mama June: Geno Doak & June Shannon Go Healthy

Mama June: From Not to Hot stars June and boyfriend Geno Doak are all about bettering their lives since getting clean. No doubt, fans know Mama has been exercising and trying to lose weight and get fit. Recently, there were numerous photos floating around of her doing yoga and working out. Plus, she was using a supplement.

Also, Geno is unhappy with the number on the scale and he jokes that he can’t bend over to tie his shoes. Of course, he says it’s due to sobriety and Coronavirus. But, he hasn’t made much effort to change his eating habits. In fact, he was recently in the kitchen cheffin’ up some fried food for himself and Mama June From Not to Hot star June.

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In spite of me trying to lose weight I must share these amazing fried pork chops that I've made tonight. They are bomb !

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Geno Chefs it Up – Takes Care of Mama

Lately, Geno Doak of Mama June: From Not to Hot has his chef hat on and does the cooking for Mama. And, he just shared some tasty looking fried pork chops with his followers. Not only that, but he also shared a detailed recipe with them as well. That way, folks can re-create the delicious meal themselves.

Plus, some people even shared their favorite chop recipes and tips with him. Also, it’s nice to see him cooking for June as they enjoy the simple things together. Of course, it’s not the healthiest meal. But, Geno Doak from Mama June: From Not to Hot says he still wants to drop weight. and. And, you still need to live a little sometimes.

June and Boyfriend in Domestic Bliss

Nowadays, Geno and June seem to be incredibly happy together. Clearly, Mama looks healthy, happy, and like she loves herself again. Now, with drugs put of the picture, it looks like they treat each other well and are happy with their relationship. Of course, the next step is to get close to her family again.

So far, it seems Geno is on the right track to proving he is a different man and that Mama is in good hands. Perhaps, we will see some of that in the next season of Mama June: From Not to Hot. Stay up to date with Geno Doak and his lady to see if they stay on track with their healthy lifestyle.

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