‘Love After Lockup’: Sarah Simmons Loses 100 Pounds

Love After Lockup‘s Sarah Simmons finally revealed how much weight she lost since beginning her transformation – and it’s a lot. Sarah looks drastically different in real-time compared to currently-airing episodes. And she finally put a number on how much weight she dropped.

Love After Lockup Update: Sarah Simmons Slims Down in a Big Way

Sarah Simmons’ weight loss is a big topic among fans. The mother of two really kicked her fitness journey into gear. And she said it started not long after giving birth to her daughter, Rayne. Meanwhile, because she looks so different off-camera than she does on, many viewers doubt that she slimmed down as much as she has.

Michael Simmons’ Love After Lockup ex finally put a number on it recently. According to Sarah Simmons, she lost “over 100 lbs” since giving birth to her youngest daughter. And based on recent pics from her, the results are noticeable. Some Love After Lockup viewers say she looks unrecognizable now.

Life After Lockup: Sarah Simmons

Love After Lockup: Sarah Focusing on Herself and Her Girls

Many mothers kick things into gear and lose baby weight after welcoming a child into the world. But in Sarah Simmons’ case, she took things to the next level. In recent WEtv content, watchers see her working out in the gym with her bestie. And more than a year after Rayne was born, it seems she sticks to her routine.

Meanwhile, she wears a lot of form-fitting clothes that really show off her new figure. And after putting in all that work to drop down on the scale, it makes sense for her to want to show it off. Along with fitting into a brand new wardrobe, she regularly changes up her hair as well.

Along with rocking her new figure and keeping the weight off, she also does what she needs to do to provide for her girls. With Michael Simmons seemingly in and out of the picture, Sarah Simmons works hard to make sure her girls have what they need. And a lot of Love After Lockup watchers say what a good mother she is.

Life After Lockup: Michael Simmons - Sarah Simmons

More Shenanigans from Michael Simmons?

Even though Sarah Simmons handles her business off-camera, she still deals with Michael Simmons in current Life After Lockup episodes. The pair had a court date to settle the custody situation. And Sarah leaned on her boyfriend, Malcolm Woolridge, on that “tough day”.

Turns out, Michael Simmons missed court after a wild night of partying. And it’s likely that worked out in Sarah’s favor in terms of custody of her girls. A lot of Love After Lockup fans want to know more about her current situation with the inmate beyond what’s playing out in new episodes.

Sarah claims Michael likes to play both the “good guy” and the “victim” at times. And she said this behavior from him is “very annoying”. Even with everything he has going on, it’s clear she focuses on taking care of her children – as well as herself.

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