‘Little People, Big World’: What Does Amy Roloff’s Fiance Chris Marek Do for a Living?

Little People, Big World star Chris Marek (Amy Roloff‘s fiance) hasn’t always been a reality television star. Before appearing on the family show, he may have never thought that he would be on TV. But, after falling in love with Amy, Chris became a part of the TLC family. However, he didn’t give up his day job. Continue reading to find out what he does for a living.

Little People, Big World: Chris Marek Engaged to Amy Roloff

Chris Marek first made his appearance on TLC’s Little People, Big World when Amy Roloff attended a single’s mixer. Although, the two were not paired up at the event. But, there was still an attraction between Chris and Amy. Shortly after, they saw each other again at a pool party. Chris Marek then asked Amy Roloff to go out on a motorcycle ride with him. And the two have been inseparable since.

After dating for three years, the Little People, Big World newcomer decided to take the next step in his relationship with Amy Roloff. Chris Marek proposed to Amy. The couple has not set a date yet for their wedding. But, it seems like they may be planning to have their wedding next year. Amy wants to be able to share the full wedding experience with Chris. Since he has never been married before. So, Amy Roloff said that she would like a traditional wedding. She wants to have their friends and family in attendance.

Little People Big World: Amy Roloff - Chris Marek

Chris Makes Money in Real Estate Industry

Chris Marek has now been a part of a few seasons of the Roloff’s show. So, there is a good possibility that he makes money from being on it. Although, if he does get paid for his appearances the amount is not known. It is not clear how much the significant others of the main cast make for participating in the show. Surely, Chris didn’t think he was going to be on a TV show. But, it comes with the territory of being in a relationship with LPBW‘s Amy Roloff.

The Little People, Big World cast member Chris Marek isn’t just a reality star. In addition to appearing on the show, he makes his money selling homes. He has been an agent in the industry for over 20 years. Chris currently works as a real estate broker.  According to his online profile, he takes “great pride in offering superior services” to his clients. Finding his clients a place to call home seems to be his primary income.

Little People Big World: Amy Roloff - Chris Marek

LPBW Celeb Helps Amy Buy Her New Home

Chris Marek got to show off his home selling skills in the latest season of LPBW. Amy Roloff made the move off the farm. And Chris was there to help Amy find her forever home. Amy had a hard time finding the perfect place. She even found herself getting outbid. But, Chris was determined to make his client happy. In the end, Amy was able to find the house that she and Chris will be starting their lives together.

Little People, Big world’s Chris Marek’s soon-to-be-wife Amy Roloff had some regrets using him as her agent. She was grateful for his help. But, Amy wanted him to give her his personal opinions. Instead of giving her more business type answers. But, it was seemingly hard for Chris to swap between being her agent and her fiance. However, Amy is seemingly happy living in her new home. She has been sharing updates with fans on how she and Chris are furnishing the place.

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