‘Little People, Big World’: Tori Roloff Gets Spoiled on 30th Birthday

Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff got spoiled on her 30th birthday. Her family, friends and fans didn’t let the occasion go uncelebrated. But, what will this new decade have in stores for her?

Little People, Big World: Tori Roloff Turns 30

Tori Roloff recently celebrated a big milestone. The Little People, Big World cast member left her twenties behind and entered into a new decade. She is now 30 years old. Tori spent the day surrounded by her loved ones and was spoiled by them. She got a lot of flowers from her family and friends. According to Tori, her house was turned into a flower shop.

The Little People, Big World reality star didn’t just get a lot of love from her friends and family on her special day. Tori Roloff also got many sweet birthday messages from fans. People hoped that she had a great time celebrating the occasion and that she enjoys her thirties. Tori was very thankful for all the kind words she got. She even got a “Happy 30th” message from her sister-in-law Audrey Roloff.

Little People Big World: Tori Roloff

Tori Goes on Birthday Breakfast Date

Tori Roloff started her birthday off with a breakfast date with a few special people. The Little People, Big World castmate went out with her husband, Zach Roloff, and their daughter, Lilah Roloff, for breakfast. However, one of their family members was missing from the special outing. According to Tori, she and Zach’s son, Jackson Roloff, didn’t get to eat with them since he was in school. But, he made it home in time for dessert.

Later on, Tori Roloff from Little People, Big World continued to celebrate her birthday with cake. She even had her son, Jackson Roloff, who was back from school, help her blow out the candles. Tori thanked her hubby, Zach Roloff, for the cake. She thought it was delicious. Tori even got a little special birthday dance from her kids. But, the celebrations didn’t end there.

Little People Big World: Tori Roloff

Little People, Big World Celeb Ready to Put Past Year behind

Tori Roloff ended her 30th birthday by going out for a nice meal. While out for dinner, she got a huge compliment while trying to order drinks. Tori says the best part of her birthday was being asked for I.D during dinner. She may have turned another decade older, but her youthful looks seem to say otherwise. Thirty is starting to look good for her.

The Little People, Big World TLC star seems happy to be turning another year older. Tori Roloff said that “29 wasn’t the easiest” time for her. She and her spouse, Zach Roloff, got the exciting news that they were expecting their third baby. However, shortly after, they had found out that their baby no longer had a heartbeat. Going through a miscarriage was hard for Tori. But, when it comes to the new year, she can already feel that being 30 will be “something special.”

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