‘Little People, Big World’: Jackson Roloff’s Latest ‘Obsession’

Little People, Big World‘s Jackson Roloff has a new obsession, according to his mom, Tori Roloff. She said she doesn’t know whether to say “aww” or to scrub him from head to toe.

Little People, Big World: Jackson Roloff Enjoys Farm Life

Jackson Roloff loves being at the farm every minute he gets. Little People, Big World cutie, Jackson is always working on a project with his grandpa, Matt Roloff. And it doesn’t seem like COVID-19 slowed them down at the farm.

Jackson’s dad, Zach Roloff, said it’s very different during the pandemic. He said they used to take Jackson from Little People, Big World a lot of places, but now they spend a lot of time in their backyard. He also said it was nice Jackson and Lilah Roloff could go to the farm.

In the 21st season of Little People, Big World, the pandemic just hit. And no one is sure what is happening, so they stay inside as much as possible. It’s a little bit better in real-time, but there’s still a lot of social distancing happening—except for one little pal.

Little People, Big World: Jackson Roloff

Jackson Roloff’s New Friend, ‘Teeter’

It looks like Jackson of Little People, Big World made a new friend. His new friend is a chicken that he named “Teeter.” TLC’s Tori said she doesn’t know where he came up with the name.

Jackson hugs the chicken and gives it a lot of love. And that has Little People, Big World mom worried about getting Jackson Roloff into the bath right away. She said it is very cute and that the chicken looks like it likes Jackson back—but she wants him to be clean.

Amy Roloff chimed in that it is really cute and that the bath will come soon enough. Viewers of Little People, Big World said it was adorable to see Jackson with the chicken. He’s helped catch them before, but it looks like he has a bond with this chicken.

Little People, Big World: Jackson Roloff

Little People, Big World: Making the Best of Life

Watchers of Little People, Big World love watching Jackson and the other kids. It looks like there is a lot more cuteness coming up on the newest season. And fans think they might still be taping some.

Production of LPBW did stop for a while, but now they do testing to make sure things are safe. And viewers are glad they won’t miss out on what the family is doing. Tori Roloff did say she feels bad for Jackson and Lilah because of the pandemic.

In fact, she said she doesn’t feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel. And she hopes everyone can find a little hope. Fans of Little People, Big World said that her kids brighten their day and to keep sharing them.

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