‘Little People, Big World’: Audrey Roloff Puts Kid on a Leash

Little People, Big World‘s Audrey Roloff said that she thinks her daughter, Ember Roloff, is outgrowing some of her childhood things. But it seems like she didn’t outgrow needing a leash – at least on the slopes.

Little People, Big World: Audrey Roloff Keeps a Tight Leash

Audrey Roloff from LPBW said that Ember Roloff is getting so big that she would soon need to change out her skis. Ember used Audrey’s old skis from when she was a kid. But now, Audrey Roloff said she’s getting big enough that she can make some turns and be a little bit more independent.

Viewers of Little People, Big World noticed she had a leash on while she was going down the hill. Any other time, people might give parents a hard time for leashing their kids. But it seems when you’re on a mountain – people will give you a little leeway.

Little People, Big World fans said they think Ember Roloff is cutest. And they cheered Audrey on for getting their little one out on the slopes. Many people said they want to do the same thing with their kids when they get old enough.

Little People, Big World: Audrey Roloff

LPBW: Audrey Laughs at Kids Playing Baby

Little People, Big World mom Audrey Roloff said the kids were enjoying a pajama day. They had adorable matching egg PJs on, and Ember pushed little brother Bode Roloff around the house. Then they switched, but Bode ran Ember Roloff into the wall and wasn’t sure how to move the carriage out of the corner.

TLC’s Audrey thought it was adorable but had to help them out. Ember complained that Bode wasn’t pushing her, and Audrey Roloff had to explain that he didn’t know how to help. Fans said the Little People, Big World brother, and sister are adorable when they play together.

Little People, Big World star Audrey has done an amazing job keeping the kids entertained during this difficult time. She said that she’s become more crafty and learned a lot of new things. Even Jeremy Roloff is pretty crafty with his knife-making.

Little People, Big World: Audrey Roloff - Jeremy Roloff - Ember Roloff- Bode Roloff

Little People, Big World: Having Fun with the Kids

Audrey and husband Jeremy recently took the kids on an adventurous hike. They went to the beautiful Multnomah Falls with the bridge near the waterfall. Little People, Big World celeb Audrey Roloff said they had an amazing time exploring the gorge.

Little People, Big World celebrity Audrey said she remembers going there with her grandparents. She said it is still as charming and fun as it was when she was a kid. Audrey Roloff loved seeing the trains and tractors inside, and the kids enjoyed it too.

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