Judge Jeanine Pirro Kicked Off The View ‘Like a Dog’ – Whoopi vs. Pirro Backstage Brawl

Judge Jeanine Pirro claims Whoopi Goldberg treated her “like a dog” as she yelled the “F”-word at her repeatedly after her guest appearance on ABC’s The View.   What the fans witnessed on-air dropped jaws around the nation.  Judge Jeanine is now sharing what went on when The View cameras stopped filming. The story may just curl your toes!

Civilized Chat on The View Gone Very Wrong

Whether right or wrong, these are two professional women who were supposedly sitting down for a civilized chat. That on-air chat soon turned into a screaming match and resulting in Pirro getting tossed off the show by Whoopi. This was seen on camera.

The Fox News personality was on the talk show promoting her new book. Her book is titled Liars, Leakers, and Liberals: The Case Against the Anti-Trump Conspiracy. Pirro was a guest, but she claims she was kicked off The View and treated “like a dog,” according to Newsweek.

‘Treated Like a Dog’

On Thursday after she endured the wrath of Whoopi Goldberg while Jeanine was standing in the hallway of the ABC building. She said Whoopi told her “F-you” several times while demanding that she leaves the building.

The Hill reports that Judge Jeanine talked with Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity on his radio program just hours after The View incident. She again states Whoopi kicked her off the show and out of the building after the heated on-air argument.

Elle Magazine, wouldn’t even mention the name of Pirro’s book in their article. Instead of naming the title they wrote, “Who Cares: Buy Something Else—Here’s a Link to an Independent Bookstore.”

The View Put Together a Recipe for Disaster

The magazine brought up the point of how this was basically a recipe for disaster. Elle writes, “I honestly don’t know why problematic, controversial conservatives keep trying to get booked on this show when they know they’re just going to crumble under the rhetorical one-two punch of Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar.”

It was the hot-button issue of politics in this nation today that started this blow up on The View Thursday. Both Whoopi and Judge Jeanine are outspoken members of the media and both extremely polarized when it comes to politics.

Whoopi Goldberg Weighs-In

Whoopi told her side of the story on Friday’s episode of The View. She said her words with Pirro were witnessed by quite a few people backstage. Whoopi admits to using words that she can’t repeat on the show. But she also claims Pirro started the off-air confrontation by sticking a finger in Whoopi’s face.

The View co-host claims that Pirro was not happy from the get-go. When she arrived at ABC she was told Joy Behar wouldn’t be on the show. This didn’t sit well with Pirro, Whoopi said. You can hear Whoopi’s explanation in the video below.

After some bantering over the current administration, a comment by Judge Jeanine set Whoopi off. The Fox News host suggested to The View hosts that people were suffering from “Trump Derangement Syndrome” in this room.

Whoopi Goldberg went on a spiel on the show, which is covered at length in a previous Soap Dirt article, along with a video of the incident. It was the aftermath of this on-air battle that Pirro shared later in the day while talking with Hannity. Judge Jeanine Pirro’s description of the backstage confrontation is making headlines today.

Judge Jeanine Pirro Weighs-In

Pirro told Hannity, “When I went off the stage, Sean, I’m walking downstairs and I said something like, ‘Whoopi I fought for victims my whole life,’ and she came at me as I was leaving and she said ‘F*ck you’ in my face — literally spitting at me, ‘F*ck you, get the F*uck out of this building.”

Dust Settles On The View?

Pirro continued explaining the ordeal to Hannity. She added, “And I said to her, ‘did you just say that?’ She said that’s what I said, ‘get the F*uck out of this building’ and she was screaming at me and I’m walking out of the building like a dog who was just kicked off.”

Whoopi Goldberg did come back after the on-air blow-up and while still looking exasperated, she did tell the fans she rarely loses her cool. She also said that she doesn’t like what just happened. At this point, no one in the home audience had heard Judge Jeanine Pirro’s story of how she was thrown out of the building by Whoopi. They also didn’t hear Whoopi’s rebuttal to that story.

Two professional women have two different accounts of the backstage hoopla that resulted from an on-air screaming match. It is probably safe to say that somewhere in the middle there is an accurate description waiting to come out!