Joe Giudice Will Be Deported From USA When He Gets Out of Jail

After a lot of speculation, it is now being reported that Joe Giudice will be deported from the USA after he gets out of jail. This is going to leave his wife Teresa with a really big decision about if she wants to go with him and take their girls or stay behind. Hollywood Life shared the details.

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ICE Media Spokesperson Shares Details

An ICE Media Spokesperson is now confirming that Joe Giudice will be deported. The source said, “We can confirm on background that he is in deportation proceedings in immigration court. Could not say if his deportation proceedings would be final prior to the conclusion of his prison term.” It does sound like there is a chance that Joe could get to stay in the USA for a bit when he gets out of jail, but he wille ventually be deported.

So far, Joe and Teresa Giudice are both staying quiet about this all, but you know they are still dealing with the news.

What will Teresa Giudice do?

Right now, nobody knows what Teresa Giudice will do. Her girls have a life here in the United States and her family is here. The idea of moving across the world has to be scary, but she has made it very clear she loves Joe. Teresa has been living without him for a while now while he is in jail, so maybe she will decide she will be fine without him.

It would be a lot to totally uproot the girls and make a big move like that, but Teresa could just do it. She has always stood by her man when someone said anything negative about him. Everyone will just have to wait and see what happens.

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