Is Peter August Leaving General Hospital – Spoilers Say Wes Ramsey Character at Risk on GH

  1. Fans wonder if Peter August is leaving General Hospital. Could Wes Ramsey be on the way out if his character can’t shake his dark side and be a truly better man? No doubt, he wants to be everything Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) deserves and more. However, he constantly goes back to old shady ways.

Now, he is in so deep, all he can do is continue to cover his tracks so Maxie and everyone else doesn’t discover his dirty secrets. However, they always come out in the end and when they do it isn’t likely Maxie will forgive Peter August again on ABC’s GH.

Is Peter August Leaving General Hospital? Spoilers Say Wes Ramsey’s Character May Be Irredeemable

GH spoilers promise Peter August hates his father Cesar Faison (Anders Hove) and doesn’t want to be anything like him. Of course, as a boy, he wanted to please his father but Faison was an evil man and that was not possible. So, Peter grew up thinking evil deeds were a normal way of life. Certainly, he became accustomed to doing whatever necessary to get what he wanted.

No doubt, his father bred Peter August to be what he wanted. But as an adult, Henrik’s making his own choices. Of course, now he is in a loving relationship and wants to be better for Maxie and escape his past. And, he was. Until Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) dangled an evil secret over his head, recall General Hospital spoilers.

Will Wes Ramsey Leave GH? Spoilers Say Peter’s Edging Back To The Dark Side

General Hospital spoilers report Peter August was well on his way to being a new man. Then, Shiloh revealed he knew his dirty secrets about the Drew Cain (Billy Miller) kidnapping. That would ruin everything with Maxie Jones. But, Peter didn’t want to help a creep like Shiloh. Additionally, he loves his new life and doesn’t want to go back to his old ways. But if he can’t be redeemed, is Peter August leaving General Hospital?

Surely, he wanted to tell Maxie but was fearful of losing her. So, he did what Shiloh asked. However, Peter’s in deeper all the time. First, Peter August helped Shiloh. Now, he’s blackmailing Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco). Certainly, he’s falling comfortably back into his wicked habits. Now, he’s done so much damage, by the time Maxie finds out, it’s too late. Wes Ramsey could leave General Hospital, spoilers hint – unless he cleans up his act.

Will Maxie Jones Ever Forgive Peter On General Hospital?

GH spoilers know Maxie Jones is no angel and has a sketchy history herself. However, she’s trying to be better for her children. Plus, she’s certain Peter has turned over a new leaf. No doubt, she thinks his Henrik days are over and doesn’t believe he is anything like his old self. However, he is stepping back into his old ways quite easily and Maxie’s set for a blindside.

Of course, she’s also forgiving because of her own shady past. But, that only goes so far. So, will Peter August leave General Hospital? Spoilers say Maxie will feel like Peter played her for a fool and will be furious. Remember, she turned on him once and this is far worse. So, when the truth comes out Peter August may find himself single again. So is Wes Ramsey’s timer running out on GH? Spoilers say wait and see.

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