Is Lani Price Leaving ‘Days of Our Lives’ – Does Wedding Fiasco Send Sal Stowers Out?

Fans wonder is Lani Price leaving Days of Our Lives. Spoilers confirm whether or not Sal Stowers sticks around after this messy end to “Elani”. Although many viewers expected Lani to cave and dump her fiance, it was still a shock to see it go down. The actress did amazing work expressing her anguish in these scenes, but does this twist wrap her current run? Here’s the latest scoop for the NBC sudser. Check out these fresh DOOL spoilers that reveal Lani’s fate.

Will Lani Price Leave Days of Our Lives?

This week, DOOL spoilers put an end to Lani Price’s engagement to Eli Grant (Lamon Archey). Although she tried a last-minute plea, it failed. Because, Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) wouldn’t let Lani off the hook. Instead, she made clear once again that she’d kill Julie Williams (Susan Seaforth Hayes). In the end, Lani Price had no choice but to dump her love Eli. And she did it brutally.

The scene at the altar was rough enough. But in the park, when Lani Price told Eli she didn’t love him enough to marry him, it was gut-wrenching. And of course, Gabi was right there to comfort him while he cried after Lani walked away. So, Days of Our Lives spoilers could write out Lani Price. With her love life ruined and Gabi tormenting her, Lani could just leave Salem. But will she? And don’t forget, the big time jump comes Friday.

Sal Stowers Done at DOOL For Now?

Longtime viewers know the NBC soap is a non-stop revolving door of characters in and out. So, it wouldn’t be surprising if the show put Sal Stowers on the back burner for a while after this dramatic event. But is Lani Price out at Days of Our Lives? Spoilers confirm she’s not done. She sticks around Salem looking for payback. Naturally, Gabi’s her target. But has she been hurt enough already since she lost Stefan DiMera (Brandon Barash)?

Maybe not – at least in Lani’s mind. Because DOOL spoilers hint the time jump reunites Gabi with Eli. And you can bet Lani Price will hate that. Other Days of Our Lives spoilers for after the time leap say the bitter bride emerges a very different person. Surely, she’s heartbroken, angry, and wants her life back. But before she can get back with Eli, she’s got to shut down Gabi once and for all. So, we’ll see her bitter and scheming, no doubt.

How Will Lani Fix Her Life – Days of Our Lives Spoilers

DOOL spoilers know Lani Price won’t take this lying down. But before she can get Eli back, she must deal with Gabi’s threats. That means disabling remote access to Julie’s pacemaker – or some other solution. Because, as long as Gabi controls Julie’s heart, she controls her rival. That’s likely Lani’s obsession after time fast forwards in Salem. She’s got to shut down the other woman and get back the man she loves.

So, the good news is this. Lani Price leaving Days of Our Lives won’t happen anytime soon. She sticks around to fight another day. And remember – Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols) returns soon. He dealt with a similar tech issue with his robotic eye. So, perhaps he can advise her how to deal with the threat. Be sure to watch next week as Salem lands in the future and see Lani Price’s new reality after her terrible loss.

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