Is Ben Weston Leaving ‘Days of Our Lives’ – Final Appeal Before Execution Soon

Fans wonder if Ben Weston‘s leaving Days of Our Lives. Spoilers confirm Robert Scott Wilson’s character runs out of time soon. The clock’s ticking on his death row stint. Ben’s got just one appeal left before he’s executed. So, can Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal) save her man – or is Ben Weston toast on DOOL? Check out the latest.

Is Ben Weston Leaving Days of Our Lives – Spoilers Look Dire

Things don’t look good for Ben Weston, predict DOOL spoilers. Because, Ciara’s his only hope and she’s busted next week. She’s been trying to find evidence against her grandpa for how he framed her honey. She’s certain it was him and Xander Cook (Paul Telfer).

When Clyde Weston (James Read) kidnapped the baby, Xander wrote a full confession. But, then he burned it and Ciara only got a charred scrap, remind Days of Our Lives spoilers. So, that didn’t help Ben Weston at all. Now, his final appeal looms with no hope in sight.

To make things worse, Xander and Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston) figure out she’s been lying and spying to get her bae off death row. That means she’s lost her chance to out then for setting up her honey. So, this could mean Ben Weston leaves Days of Our Lives unless something shifts soon.

DOOL Spoilers: Jordan Ridgway Alive – Ben Escapes Execution?

The easiest way to keep Ben Weston breathing, per Days of Our Lives spoilers is for Jordan Ridgeway (Chrishell Stause) to turn up alive and well. It seems a long shot that Xander actually killed her. the reformed for Sarah Horton (Linsey Godfrey) and Iost his killer instinct.

It seems far likelier that he stashed Ben Weston’s sister in a warehouse or is holding her captive somewhere. However, Days of Our Lives spoilers tease Xander might release her in time to rescue Ben Weston. Because, he may not want an innocent man’s death on his conscience.

Although Victor, no doubt, justifies this since Ben was a serial killer. But, he’s now reformed, And, as a reformed bad boy himself, Xander may sympathize with Ben Weston, hint Days of Our Lives spoilers. So, maybe he’s not doomed on DOOL.

Robert Scott Wilson’s End on Days of Our Lives? Maybe Not…

DOOL spoilers know Ciara’s going to keep fighting to save Ben Weston. Because, she knows Xander and Victor set him up somehow. Naturally, Victor wants Ben executed so both he and his homicidal sister are and wiped out, per Days of Our Lives spoilers.

However, Xander may be the saving grace that Ciara needs to stop his execution. Of course, Days of Our Lives spoilers remind that saving that life also means betraying his uncle Victor. However, he might do it anyway because it’s the decent thing to do.

So, if you’re one of those wondering if Ben Weston’s leaving Days of Our Lives, spoilers predict his time’s not up just yet. Look for an eleventh-hour save to stop his execution. So, keep watching DOOL on NBC to see what happens to keep Ben Weston alive.

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