‘Insecure’: Why Did Nathan Ghost Issa Dee? #InsecureHBO Ending Perplexes Fans

Insecure’s Issa Dee (Issa Rae) has finally gotten over her ex-boyfriend Lawrence (Jay Ellis) just in time for her new bae to disappear. Nathan (Kendrick Sampson) is as handsome as #PrisonBae, and now he might actually be in jail.

Is Nathan the Insecure #PrisonBae?

Just when Nathan popped up out of nowhere to skinny-dip with Issa during their “L.A. Day,” he ghosted Issa. The #InsecureHBO crowd on Twitter is asking all about that #InsecureHBO ending, which was confusing to fans. Issa met Nathan during a backseat fight whererin Nathan punched a dude who wouldn’t stop smoking kush in the backseat.

On HBO’s Insecure, there was an investigation. A woman called Issa to say she was able to contact Nathan. But Issa scrolled through her texts, looking all confused, because Nathan hadn’t contacted her in 18 hours. A call from Molly didn’t find Nathan answering. “I bet Nathan in jail for punching that dude,” comes the YouTube comment consensus. “I think Nathan in jail for the Lyft scuffle,” wrote another.  already picked up on the prison bae vibes.

Lawrence is back with chlamydia on Insecure

Lawrence has been feeling himself and every girl in town. Afterward, he had to call lots of women to warn them about an STD.  Tiffany’s (Amanda Seales) baby shower was the Insecure scene whereby Issa and Lawrence reunited once more. But while Issa loves Lawrence, she’s over him.

Issa’s time spent in bed with Nathan featured the mystery man claiming how much he liked her. He demonstrated the connection by pointing from himself to Issa. But was Nathan really all about “nathan” (nothing) and getting over on Issa? Was he cozying up to Issa just to get her not to testify against him? We’ll see during the final two Insecure episodes airing Sundays at 10:30 p.m.


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