Huge Update for ‘General Hospital’ to Resume Filming

General Hospital may be back with new episodes soon because ABC helped create a plan to get GH back to work but with extreme caution. Of course, the cast, as well as the crew, need to make significant adjustments. But, the great news is, they’re going back to the studio soon, hopefully, this month. Check out how the network must change things to get back to work.

Plan to Get General Hospital Ready to Resume Production

A couple of weeks ago, the governor of California announced he wanted to get Hollywood back to work. This includes GH and all the other soaps. However, the union for the actors and the crew is adamant that everyone stays safe. So, they got to work on a plan.

This week, ABC and other studios working with the unions, released a proposal that should see General Hospital filming again soon. They worked with the unions to approve a plan. Now, it just needs the green light from CA’s Governor Gavin Newsom – since he’s in control of stay at home orders and when businesses can reopen.

If he says it’s good to go, then General Hospital can start shooting new episodes this month. However, there are adjustments needed to how they shoot and work that’ll affect how they film moving forward. So, this makes us wonder – will GH need to avoid loves scenes? Read on to find out.

General Hospital: Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and fan


Major Changes Required to Film New GH Episodes

The proposal laid out changes that General Hospital and other movies and TV shows must make to get back in the studio. First, they need to hire a COVID-19 compliance officer. However, there’s no such thing at the moment. So, it might be easier said than done for the GH team. Then, of course, there will be limitations on older actors.

So, General Hospital cast members over age 65 need a doctor’s approval before returning to work. Plus, the plan, called the “Roadmap to Recovery Framework”, has serious guidelines to follow. Such as hand-washing stations, wearing masks, and regular COVID-19 testing for both the cast and the crew. Besides that, everyone must carry hand sanitizer bottles on them on the set at GH.

General Hospital Cast


No More Love Scenes on General Hospital?

If this plan does away with romantic scenes, it’s sure to be a bummer for GH fans. So, what does this new plan say about steamy intimate scenes? Shockingly, they’re not banned. However, it does state they should use digital effects to make actors look closer while social distancing. Plus, they need shorter shooting days and non-consecutive workdays.

Additionally, they seek to ban paper scripts for General Hospital actors. But, if they must use them, they cannot be shared among actors. Besides that, the is to be no hugging, high fives, or hand-shaking. However, they did not forbid intimate scenes altogether. They just issued a warning that they will “increase the risk of transmission.” So, there may still be romance ahead when GH resumes shooting – which will hopefully be soon.

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