‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Michael Suspects Nelle and Saves Carly?

General Hospital spoilers reveal June is the month to watch as fans get closer to seeing Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier) get her comeuppance. GH previews for June first show Nelle Benson faux apologizing for what she has done to Carly – Michael has a look on his face like a light bulb went off.

General Hospital fans have been begging for an end to this disturbing storyline with Nelle Benson. Nelle has been gas-lighting Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) by tormenting her with haunting of her dead Son Morgan (Bryan Craig). Fans believe that Carly is much too smart to have fallen so easily into Nelle’s trap.  It seems the entire Corinthos Clan has forgotten how evil and conniving Nelle can be and have joined forces in believing that Carly has lost her mind.

Clueless Michael

General Hospital Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) seemed to be Carly’s only hope for staying out of Ferncliff or if the new DA Margaux Dawson (Elizabeth Hendrickson) has her way, Pentonville.  Michael (Chad Duell) rushed to Nelle’s bedside after her tumble down the infamous Quartermaine stairs, staying with Nelle until he was sure that she and the baby would be alright. He didn’t seem to question Nelle’s side of the story at all.  Much to the dismay of many fans, Michael has been a bonehead throughout the entire storyline with Nelle, always ready to give her the benefit of the doubt over his mother.

Who knocked Peter August out?

Michael shows a spark of  hope

GH fans have been left to wonder if Michael even has a pulse, has he just flatlined when it comes to his ability to reason? Well, Fans may be in for a surprise as General Hospital spoilers tease Michael may be on to Nelle. Last week, after speaking with his mother, Michael seemed to be coming around. He told Carly he loved her then headed back to the hospital, expressing how incredible his mother’s side of the story was, however, something was different in Michael’s demeanor. Michael’s talk with Jason is most likely lingering in the back of his head, Jason’s instincts are never wrong. Could Michael be setting Nelle up saving his mother?

Will Michael be the one to catch schemer Nelle?

When Ava (Maura West) took the blanket from the top of the stairs, fans were hoping Ava would do the right thing and give Sonny (Maurice Benard) the blanket in a Quid Pro Quo to spend more time with Avery (Grace/Ava Scarola). Unfortunately, that did not happen.  

Other General Hospital spoilers hint Nelle’s past catches up to her, this is certain to cause GH fans to cheer. Perhaps Michael will be the one to catch Nelle and prove he is not so naïve after all, and with Jason temporarily distracted, Michael may be his mother’s only hope. What say you? Will Michael be the one to expose Nelle and finally give her what she deserves?  

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