‘General Hospital’: Who Is Playing New Nina Reeves – Recast Cynthia Watros Soap Past Revealed

General Hospital fans ask who is playing the new Nina Reeves and why did Michelle Stafford leave GH. The quick answer is Cynthia Watros is now playing Nina. But the answer on why Michelle left is a bit more complex. No doubt you noticed that Nina Reeves looks a bit different these days and the swap seems to come without on-screen explanation or statement. Cynthia Watros is a veteran soap actress and also a prime time player.

We’ve got all the answers you need about why there is a new Nina on GH, who is playing the recast Nina and all you need to know about the new actress on General Hospital. First, Michelle Stafford wrapped her stint last month. She originated back in 2014 but is now back on Young and the Restless as Phyllis Abbott. Here’s the other answers you need about Watros stepping into the role and her incredible acting background.

General Hospital: Cynthia Watros Is No Stranger To Soap Fans

Yes, there is a new Nina on GH. Cynthia Watros is now playing Nina and has big shoes to fill. Taking over the role of a significant front-burner character can be tough. However, she seems to have the acting chops for the task. Watros is quite familiar with the soap opera routine. In fact, she has over a 20-year track record and a Daytime Emmy to her credit plus screen time on three soaps. This one makes her fourth daytime gig even though she’s mostly been on prime time the last few years.

Fans might recognize Cynthia Watros from her Daytime Emmy award-winning role as Annie Dutton on CBS’s now defunct Guiding Light. She also subbed as Victoria Hudson on NBC’s Another World while Jensen Buchanan was on maternity leave. Her last soap role was as Kelly Andrews on Young and the Restless. There, Watros and Stafford were cast mates together and they remain friendly and supportive of each other’s exciting career moves even as Cynthia Watros takes over exiting Michelle Stafford’s role as the new actress playing Nina on General Hospital .

Who is Playing the New Nina on GH? The Very Accomplished Cynthia Watros

Since she is involved in a few front burner storylines, a Nina Reeves recast was required to continue these plots. But Michelle Stafford went back to her old role on Y&R. That is why there is a recast and where Cynthia Watros enters the picture. Many General Hospital fans are not familiar with her lengthy body of work. However, in more recent times, fans seem to associate Watros with her prime time television series runs. She’s been on a ton of evening dramas, but here’s a quick look at some of her more memorable roles.

She played the breakout role of Libby on ABC’s Lost who met a grim end. But before that, she tickled funny bones on sitcoms Titus and The Drew Carey Show. But her largest prime time role was as a leading lady on the MTV drama Finding Carter. She was Elizabeth Wilson, a cop dealing with a messy personal life. Her role as Liz shared some similarities with Nina Reeves that could help her channel the vibe. Elizabeth went for years without one of her twin daughters who was kidnapped. On the show, the kid came back nearly grown. Sound familiar to another plot on General Hospital?

Amicable Transition Between Nina Reeves Portrayers on General Hospital

If you’re asking why did Michelle Stafford leave her spot at GH, it was for another opportunity at her old soap. The passing of the guard between outgoing Nina Reeves portrayer Michelle Stafford and incoming portrayer Cynthia Watros could not have been any smoother. There was no catty behind the scenes drama. These two soap actresses are actually friends from their Young and the Restless days. So, no hard feelings here for these two ladies. You can see from the pic above that they hugged it out and chatted about the role they’d soon both count on their professional resumes.

In fact, the two actresses met to collaborate on the transition it seems. Social media posts from both actresses show the love between the two. In the picture shared, Cynthia is actually wearing the dress she wore in her debut episode. So, it looks like the two Nina Reeves portrayers actually overlapped by at least one day. That is a rarity in the soap world. This is great news for fans of the character and the soap. A smooth transition hopefully calms the fan base’s concerns. Below, you can view a taste of what we can expect Cynthia Watros will bring to General Hospital as Nina Reeves.

General Hospital: What’s Next For Nina Reeves?

GH spoilers hint a love triangle for Nina Reeves is coming. She will start to have more than a business relationship with her new boss Jasper Jacks (Ingo Rademacher). Her current fiance Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) is not liking the vibe he’s picking up. So much so that he offered to buy out Jax’s interest in Aurora to get the suave Aussie away from his soon-to-be wife.

Of course, the big reveal of Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) as her faux daughter comes soon on General Hospital. So, we should see Nina’s real daughter coming soon plus the reveal of Valentin’s betrayal. Watch GH on ABC to see how Cynthia Watros plays it as the new Nina Reeves. She’s a talented actress with plenty of daytime experience, so she seems a solid choice as the new Nina.

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