‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Should Oscar Nero Be Told About His Tumor?

General Hospital spoilers reveal that this will be a heartbreaking and heart racing week. Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt) might find out that he has a fatal brain tumor. We first learned of Oscar’s condition after his seizure, when his uncle, Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) took him to the hospital. His mother, Kim Nero (Tamara Braun) told Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) he has had a brain tumor for the past two years. According to Kim, specialists say the brain tumor is inoperable and there is nothing that can save his life.

Telling Oscar Nero vs. Not – What is Right?

General Hospital spoilers show after Kim told Drew Cain (Billy Miller) about Oscar Nero’s brain tumor. She made it clear she does not want Oscar to know. She wants him to live a normal life. Drew’s pleas to let his son know about his condition could not persuade her, so he decided to go along with his son’s mother. This week, Drew and Kim agreed to wait until after Oscar’s upcoming birthday to let him know about the brain tumor.

But is Drew’s initial instinct to tell Oscar Nero the correct one? Is protecting him from the diagnosis the right way to handle the situation? Oscar Nero is not a little kid. He is a teenager. Perhaps he is mature enough to handle knowing he has a brain tumor. And maybe if he knew he would create a bucket list of things he wants to do before he dies. By not knowing, the case can be made that his parents are robbing him of time to make his last days count.

Should Oscar Nero’s Parents Tell Him The Truth?

General Hospital spoilers remind that Drew only found out last year that he has a son. He wants the time he has with his son to be meaningful. Should Drew, his father, be the one to tell Oscar the truth? By telling him, that might bring the two closer together. By not telling him, Oscar is kept in the dark and Drew is forced to pretend he is okay when he is not. It makes the agony of the situation that much worse for him.

Oscar has lived unknowingly with a brain tumor for two years. Should his mother have told him? She says she did not tell him because she wanted him to have a normal childhood. Is it worse to not know or to know? Her instincts, however well-intentioned, may prove to be the wrong ones when Oscar finds out.

Oscar Nero Is Sure To Find Out Soon

Earlier this week, Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) asked Elizabeth what is wrong with Oscar Nero.  After Elizabeth told him, he looked up children’s brain tumors on a website and left the browser open on his computer. He decided to call Drew and while leaving a message for him, Cameron Webber (William Lipton) came home. He stood in the doorway listening. When he walked into the room he looked at Franco’s computer.

Cameron had just come back from making up with Oscar Nero for the fight they got into over Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy). While Oscar suffered a seizure and went to the hospital, Josslyn waited in the park for him. Cameron showed up and tried to kiss her. Now that they are on good terms, Cameron just might mention the brain tumor to Oscar.

If Oscar finds out from Cameron, or anyone other than his parents, how will he feel? Will he feel betrayed? Will, that cast a shadow over the time he has left? This is a storm brewing. Too many people know about Oscar’s tumor to keep it hidden. Cameron might tell Josslyn. Drew might crack and come clean or Oscar Nero might overhear something.

No doubt the kid will feel betrayed that everyone knew before him. What do you think? Should his parents come clean now?

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Should Oscar be told about his condition before someone else tells him?