‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Scott Stands By Ava After Ryan Revenge Plan Blows Up

General Hospital spoilers promise Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) remains loyal by Ava Jerome’s (Maura West) side. Certainly, she continues to struggle with the aftermath of loving serial killer Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom). Also, the Nurses Ball and Ryan’s return is fast approaching so Ava will need someone in her corner.

Of course, fake lover Kevin Collins (also Jon Lindstrom) is seemingly there for her. However, it’s just a charade and his heart belongs to his wife Laura Spencer (Genie Francis). Surely, Scott suspects this and plans to support Ava no matter what on ABC’s GH – even after this plan to trap Ryan goes wrong and puts her in danger.

General Hospital Spoilers: Scott Baldwin Stands By Ava Jerome

GH spoilers confirm Scott Baldwin is livid to see Ava Jerome with Kevin Collins at the Nurses Ball. He is certain Kevin is taking advantage of Ava and wants to protect her. So, he goes along with Lucy Coe’s (Lynn Herring) hair brained scheme to sabotage them.

However, more General Hospital spoilers report Scott helps Ava Jerome as she bides her time to trap Ryan Chamberlain. Certainly, he won’t let her do this alone and put herself in harm’s way. As angry as he is to see her with Kevin, he will still help her in any way he can. Plus, he’ll be there for the aftermath when things go wrong (as of course, they will).

GH Spoilers: Scott Baldwin Accepts Ava For Who She Is

General Hospital spoilers know Scott Baldwin never expects Ava Jerome to be something she is not. Surely, he accepts her with all her flaws and doesn’t try to change her. With everything she’s been through, Scott always shows up to check on her. Even when Ava does something horrible, he is still there for her.

Now, Ava Jerome desperately wants to be loved by someone who truly understands and accepts her. Certainly, that’s what drew her to Ryan Chamberlain in the first place. He didn’t judge her. But, the genuine love she desires could be staring her right in the face. Of course, Scott will call her out on her mistakes but he’s always there for her, say GH spoilers.

Scott Could Be The One To Help Ava Heal

General Hospital spoilers suggest Scott Baldwin may be exactly the person Ava Jerome needs to overcome this terrible ordeal. Certainly, he cared for Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin) and her death devastated him. Now, it still breaks his heart to see Ava grieving and he will do anything he can to help – even as she plays a dangerous game.

So, maybe once the dust settles, Ava will open her eyes to the possibility of a relationship with Scott Baldwin. Eventually, she might see he could be the one to give her the unconditional love she longs for. Certainly, someone she can count on to stand by her side might pull her out of this dark place she’s in say GH spoilers. If she survives this Ryan plot, that is.

Can Scott Baldwin Get Out Of The Friend Zone? – General Hospital Spoilers

On GH, Ava sees Scott as a good buddy or even a best friend. However, he has deeper feelings for her and doesn’t like to see her with men that hurt her. Remember, Scott was jealous when he saw Ava Jerome after her first night with Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen). Clearly, he did not like the idea of her being intimate with another man. Additionally, he hit the roof both times she started seeing Kevin Collins.

Plus, he lost it again when he saw them at the Nurses Ball. Of course, there’s bad blood between Kevin and Scott from years ago. Still, Scott’s feathers get ruffled every time he sees Ava involved with someone. Certainly, no matter what Ava faces, she won’t face it alone as long as Scott’s around. Watch ABC weekdays to see if Ava Jerome and Scott Baldwin’s quirky friendship will turn into something more on GH as he supports her after this Ryan revenge plan implodes.

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