‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nelle Takes over Dawn of Day as Shiloh’s Widow?

General Hospital spoilers hint Nelle Hayes (Chloe Lanier) may take over as the new leader of Dawn of Day now that it’s out that she’s Shiloh Archer’s widow on GH. Also, she is eager to get her hands on his ELQ shares and worm her way back into the Quartermaine family on the ABC drama.

General Hospital Spoilers: Sly Nelle Hayes Shocks at Shiloh Memorial

Recently on GH, Nelle Hayes threw everyone for a loop revealing herself as Shiloh’s widow. Plus, she’s the one who put together the memorial inviting all his enemies to witness it. No doubt, she wanted to see their stunned expressions as she announced they married in prison. Especially, Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) because she’s constantly torturing him, as General Hospital spoilers know.

Surely, he, Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) were horrified to hear her news. And, they know how devious and vile Nelle is. So, marrying Shiloh means more scheming ahead. Now, she’ll likely pick up where he left off. Especially, with Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco), Jason, and Michael. Of course, she’s out to get them all, promise General Hospital spoilers. And it’s already begun.

GH Spoilers: Nelle Hayes And Shiloh Plot To Get Q Payout

General Hospital spoilers explain Nelle Hayes Archer hatched a plan once Shiloh told her about his ELQ shares. Then, she said she knew a way for them both to get what they want. Of course, Nelle wants to get rich and also – to make Michael suffer. Plus, she wants her son “Wiley” back as well on GH. So, marrying Shiloh gave her the shot at all this. Remember, Shiloh wanted his son on General Hospital.

Spoilers know he’s gone. Now, Nelle Hayes stakes a claim on Wiley as his “stepmother”. No doubt, this is how she’ll try to reclaim her son, say General Hospital spoilers. So, she’s on a mission to get access to his Q stock too. Of course, with Shiloh’ “dead” it all goes to her. So, she put her plan in motion at the memorial then swept into the Q mansion to stake another claim, per General Hospital spoilers.

Nelle Hayes The New DoD Leader On General Hospital?

GH spoilers wonder if Nelle Hayes takes over Shiloh’s legacy at Dawn of Day. Surely, Nelle is as good at manipulating people. No doubt, Nelle would love to be Shiloh 2.0 and run his cult. And, they all showed up to the service. Plus, Daisy (Kelsey Wang) witnessed their wedding. So, this may already be in place and Nelle’s starting on a major power trip, as we see from General Hospital spoilers this week.

Plus, she may have the law in her back pocket – just like he did. Certainly, Nelle Hayes running DoD represents a huge threat. So, General Hospital spoilers predict her release from prison and reveal as Mrs Archer sets the stage for lots of drama for many people in town. No doubt, Nelle Hayes is up to something and will rock Port Charles to its core on the ABC sudser. Don’t miss the GH action ahead.

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