‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Michael Worries for Kristina – Realizes Loan Was a Huge Mistake

General Hospital spoilers say Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) worries increasingly about Kristina Corinthos (Lexi Ainsworth) as she gets in deeper with Dawn of Day. That means increasing the time she spends with Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin). As Michael concern intensifies, he may try to get Krissy out of the cult and away from its leader before it’s too late.

General Hospital Spoilers: Michael Corinthos Worries For Kristina Corinthos

As recent GH spoilers confirm, Michael Corinthos is concerned for little sister Kristina. However, he’s not the only one. Just about everyone in her life is alarmed at this newfound obsession with Dawn of Day and Shiloh Archer. In fact, Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) is so worried over Kristina getting hurt that she’s working to uncover Shiloh’s agenda. Michael’s first red flag on General Hospital should have been the chunk of cash she borrowed.

Not too long ago, she met with him to discuss “business”. Kristina said the loan as to benefit her future. After talking it over with her and realizing she was happy, Michael agreed to lend her this money. However, the money he lends her could be the reason he grows worried about her on GH. After all, it sounds like it will all go right into Shiloh’s hands at Dawn of Day.

GH Spoilers: Family More Concerned About Kristina

According to more General Hospital spoilers released, Michael Corinthos and Krissy’s whole family grow increasingly anxious over her life choices. She pushed herself away from her family and into the arms of Shiloh. They don’t like this, as most don’t trust the Dawn of Day leader in any capacity.

However, Kristina Corinthos does. She pours her devotion – and now a fat stack of cash – into demonstrating loyalty to him and the group. Kristina wants to impress him and show her commitment to Dawn of Day. The cash could just be the start as she may soon bear the mark of the cult.

Michael, Sam, and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) all see her interactions with DoD as unhealthy and obsessive. Michael previously thought she was in a good place and was proud she was changing her life. Now, however, he sees the danger Krissy has found herself in, and she’s blind to what’s happening.

General Hospital: Michael Helps JaSam Conquer Cult?

If Michael Corinthos realizes he mis-stepped giving Kristina Corinthos cash for the cult, he may work to help Sam and Jason. Sam infiltrated Dawn of Day to get into Shiloh’s life and get him out of Kristina’s on General Hospital. For the most part, she succeeded. Kristina, at the very least, believes everything she says and thinks her big sister is giving DoD a real shot. She has no idea Sam has a game plan.

Of course, viewers realize that Sam is simply trying to cut Kristina loose working from the inside. As Michael Corinthos frets about Kristina Corinthos, he may team up with other family to try and free her. Of course, Shiloh soon encourages Krissy to cut ties with doubters, so this might be more of a challenge.

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