‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Michael Comes Between Willow And Chase After Baby Swap Reveal 

General Hospital spoilers hint the baby swap reveal will bring Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) and Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) closer and Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) may not like it at all. Certainly, Willow and Chase are on cloud nine. However, when it is revealed that her baby died and it’s Michael’s son she’s been loving for the last year, things could change drastically. Certainly, Michael and Willow are close already.

So, when he reclaims his son he will certainly let her be a part of his life. Of course, it won’t replace the son she lost. But, it will ease the grieving process a bit. However, if Willow and Michael are spending more time together it may put a strain on her relationship with Chase. Of course, he and Michael Corinthos are good buddies. But, Chase probably won’t be fond of him spending too much with his girl on ABC’s GH.

General Hospital Spoilers: Willow Tait And Harrison Chase Head Over Heels

GH spoilers know Willow Tait and her guy Harrison Chase are happier than ever. No doubt, they had a connection from the start. Certainly, Chase is incredibly understanding and supportive about her time with DoD. Also, he is doing everything he can to help keep Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) away from Willow and her “son”. Surely, he is her rock. Harrison Chase is a great guy.

Clearly, Chase is falling hard for Willow and can’t imagine life without her. So, he recently put it all out there and said those three little words to her – I love you. Certainly, Willow was shocked but she quickly admitted she shares his feelings. Surely, it seems like Chase and Willow Tait have it all. However, it may be short-lived, hint General Hospital spoilers.

GH Spoilers: Michael Corinthos And Pretty Willow Tait’s Growing Friendship

General Hospital spoilers recall Michael Corinthos and Willow Tait hit it off from the beginning. Remember, they first met at Kelly’s. But, they began spending more time together when they saw they were both part of the bereavement group at the hospital. Certainly, that is when they shared their stories and a friendship began.

Then, they got much closer when Willow told him that she is a former member of DoD. Additionally, his soft spot for her grew when she helped get Kristina Corinthos (Lexi Ainsworth) out of Shiloh’s clutches. Certainly, Michael felt the need to protect Willow and has been one of her biggest supporters. Furthermore, when it came out that Wiley is the baby she gave up they became even closer.

Of course, Wiley is Michael’s godson so he will do anything for him. So, with Willow being his “mother” he will do anything for her as well. However, the truth will shake things up. No doubt, it will devastate Willow Tait but it may intensify her relationship with Michael Corinthos, tease GH spoilers. That could leave Harrison Chase out in the cold.

The Truth About Wiley Strengthens Michael And Willow – General Hospital Spoilers

GH spoilers promise the truth about baby Wiley’s paternity will come out eventually. No doubt, when it does it will destroy many lives. Certainly, Willow Tait will have to grieve her baby all over again. Of course, Harrison Chase will be there to love and support Willow. However, she may find herself being drawn more to Michael Corinthos. Certainly, Michael is “Wiley’s” real father and when that comes to light they may be bound to each other even more.

Surely, Willow loves that little boy as if he’s her own. Of course, that kind of love doesn’t just go away. No doubt, she will love him just as much even though he isn’t biologically hers. Certainly, Michael will let her see him as much as she wants. Plus, having thought Jonah was dead for the past year, he can help Willow grieve her own son. However, their closeness may put a strain on her romance with Chase, predict General Hospital spoilers.

Will Michael Come Between Willow And Harrison Chase? GH Spoilers

General Hospital spoilers wonder if Michael Corinthos will pose a threat to Chillow (Harrison Chase and his gal pal). Of course, Michael and Chase are good friends. Plus, Michael is not the type to take someone’s girl. However, it may happen without either of them realizing it. Certainly, being that close and sharing the love of a child can intensify feelings.

No doubt, Willow and Michael already have a bond and he has the instinct to protect her. So, it might be very easy to blur the lines and cross boundaries. Surely, if things get too intense it could mean trouble for the happy couple. Watch ABC daytime to see if Michael Corinthos and ex-teacher Willow Tait get too close for Harrison Chase’s liking on GH.

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