‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Maura West Emmy Worthy Performance – Ava Pulls Gun on Griffin [Video]

General Hospital spoilers are praising Maura West’s Emmy worthy performance as Ava Jerome. Ava blames Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) for the recent murder of her daughter, Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin). Grief-stricken, Ava will stop at nothing to make sure that Griffin doesn’t get away with murder on GH.

General Hospital Spoilers: Maura West Humanizes Ava Jerome

GH fans will agree that Ava Jerome is a character that many love to hate. She is selfish and ruthless which can be a deadly combination. She puts herself first above everyone including her own flesh and blood. However, Ava recently learned that her daughter, Kiki, was murdered.

Maura West’s portrayal as the grief-stricken mother on General Hospital has been nothing short of Emmy worthy. Since her character is usually cold and unloving, her emotional performance is a pleasant contrast. It reminds the GH audience that she does have a heart, even if it is ten times too small. In this short video, Maura West manages to humanize Ava right before our eyes.

Ava’s Softer Side Hardens Against Griffin Munro – GH Spoilers

Griffin and Kiki Jerome were just beginning to develop a real relationship on General Hospital. Ava was jealous of their happiness because Griffin was hers first. So to punish them, Ava underhandedly tried to convince Kiki that Griffin cheated. However, her efforts were unsuccessful so her misery was without company. Now, she hates him.

As a result, the softer side of Ava Jerome on General Hospital will likely soon be replaced. According to the spoiler video for the show airing on Monday, December 3, Ava’s grief momentarily shifts to rage. She needs someone to blame for Kiki’s murder. In this instance, it will be Griffin Munro that gets the brunt of it.

Ava Pulls Gun on Griffin – Spoiler Video

The GH video shows Ava confronting Griffin in the interrogation room of the Port Charles police department. She is out of control. In less than sixty seconds, Ava goes from zero to a thousand. She pulls a gun on Griffin. Handcuffed to the table, Griffin Munro is unable to shield himself.

He pleads his case instead, but Ava isn’t listening. She is too overwhelmed by her need to make him pay. Ava reminds Griffin of how he broke her heart when he cheated on her with her own daughter. Then, she threatens to take his life on General Hospital.

Griffin Munro Final Days? – Matt Cohen Leaving GH?

GH fans will have to wait to see if Griffin makes it out alive. General Hospital spoilers hint that this could be his final days. Ava may not follow through with her threat right this second, but she may take time to plan Griffin’s final demise. It is also possible that once his name is cleared, heartbroken Griffin may decide to leave Port Charles behind once and for all.

Matt Cohen has been actively promoting tickets for the LA screening of his newly directed film short, Mama Bear. He is very excited about his new film. According to Indiegogo, he has already raised over $44K in support. So if all goes well, it is possible that Griffin may not be around General Hospital for much longer. Directing may become Matt’s new passion.

Optimistically, Matt Cohen will stick around GH long enough to clear Griffin’s name. The real killer is still out there. However, Ava Jerome is sure that Griffin is guilty. Her stellar performance this year will hopefully engrave her name on a fourth Emmy. Will someone stop Ava before she does something that she will regret?

Stay tuned to GH airing weekdays on ABC to see more of Ava Jerome’s shenanigans with Emmy worthy performances by Maura West .

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