‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kristina Back to Normal or Faking It After Intervention?

General Hospital spoilers hint Kristina Corinthos (Lexi Ainsworth) may be back to “normal” after her family got her away from Dawn of Day – or she could be playing everyone. Neil Byrne’s (Joe Flanigan) work may end up being successful. As Kristina possibly returns to her old self, this story has the possibility to end well. But you can bet it won’t resolve quite so easily on GH on ABC.

General Hospital Spoilers: Kristina Corinthos Steals Phone – Calls Pal Val

New GH spoilers reveal that Kristina ends up sharing a laugh with an old friend. During the family therapy session, Kristina Corinthos was hostile and then sneaked her mom’s phone. Careless Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) left her cellphone lying around, only for Kristina Corinthos to then swipe the phone.

She dials up Valerie Spencer (Paulina Bugembe) likely for two reasons. One is that she’s a good friend. Second is that Val is a cop and Kristina Corinthos seems determined to report her family for kidnapping her. If this happens, everything will change. However, spoilers also say that surprisingly, Neil’s therapy works, so Kristina may have a nice chat but then decide not to rat out her family, hint General Hospital spoilers.

GH Spoilers: Friend Visits Krissy

Things may get back to normal for Kristina Corinthos soon on General Hospital. Spoilers say she shares a laugh with a friend, this could be a sign that good things are to come. Of course, everything is a mess at the moment, so there’s no telling how Kristina sees them in the first place.

Given that they talk on the phone soon, Valerie may come visit. After all, she and Kristina are friends. Plus, Val worried over her involvement with DoD. In fact, the two last had a fight after Valerie questioned the group. She was simply worried about her, though Krissy didn’t see this.

It ended with the two having a blow-up fight and Kristina Corinthos cut Valerie from her life. Now, the two might be able to work things out. After all, Valerie has recently shown that she still cares for her. She wants to make sure she’s okay say GH spoilers.

General Hospital: Police and Shiloh Search For Kristina

At this point, Dawn of Day and the two detectives are looking for a “missing” Kristina Corinthos on GH. Of course, her family knows where she is, though they act oblivious. Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) kidnapped her before her DoD initiation, saving her from becoming too ingrained with the Trust.

Now, Neil Byrne is trying to unravel the brainwashing on General Hospital. However, she’s lashing out every chance she can get and hates that she’s being held against her will. Her parents felt like they had no other choice, though. Now, Shiloh is on the hunt for his lost follower, as are the police, but he’s distracted by Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco).

As everyone races to find Krissy, this puts her progress on a time table, which isn’t great. So, when it looks like Kristina is finally back on track, is it because Neil really made progress or because she’s playing mind games on the ABC soap.

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