‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Julian Wants Ava Jerome to Get Help – Sister Off the Deep End

General Hospital spoilers reveal Julian Jerome (William deVry) begs his sister Ava Jerome (Maura West) to get help pronto. After Ava learns she fell for Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom), the serial killer who stalked Port Charles and killed her daughter, she’s rightly devastated. As she struggles to come to terms with everything, Julian tries to help out his sis on the ABC soap.

General Hospital Spoilers: Julian Jerome Wants Ava Jerome to Get Help

Ava Jerome is falling apart and Julian Jerome is desperate to help her. Ever since learning the man she loved was also the man who brutally murdered her daughter, Ava has been in denial. She can’t believe that her sweet “Kevin” is really awful Ryan Chamberlain. As Ava struggles to come to terms with this awful truth, Julian tries to help her out on GH.

Julian sees she’s struggling and needs help so he wants her to get some therapy. Obviously, she can’t talk to the real Kevin, but she should talk to someone. However, Ava Jerome’s currently wrecked state means she may not listen to Julian. While she went to Julian in the past for advice, things are different now. General Hospital spoilers hint she’ll continue down a dark path so long as she stays in denial.

GH Spoilers: Ava Unhinged and Angry

Upon first learning the truth about Ryan, Ava Jerome lashed out at everyone. Soon, General Hospital spoilers suggest she continues pushing people away. As Julian Jerome begs her to get help, she could end up pushing her brother away — and he’s one of the few always on her side. Most recently, Ava lashed out at Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth), who she ran into at the hospital while drunk.

Ava Jerome still wouldn’t acknowledge that she was with Ryan and not Kevin. But after Ava slapped then confronted the real Kevin Collins, she could not run from it anymore. So, Julian’s quest to try to help his wayward sister might not end up as he wants. Julian wants her to to find peace if at all possible on GH. But, she more than likely will disagree and push back while she spirals deeper into despair.

General Hospital: Ava Wants to Kill Ryan

The one thing that seems to be holding Ava Jerome together at this moment on GH is the hope she’ll get to kill Ryan. While everyone believes the psychopath is dead, it appears he cheated death again and comes back soon hoping to reunite with his honey. Ryan believes they belong together, though he hasn’t yet taken into consideration how upset she’ll be with him.

When Ryan comes back to reconcile with his obsession, Ava just wants him dead on General Hospital. And she wants to be the one to put him down. The last thing she will consider is doing what Julian Jerome asks and getting therapy. He wants her to heal but she blames herself for her daughter’s death so she wants to feel the pain – she thinks she deserves it. She also wants Ryan to get what he deserves.

So while Julian Jerome pushes her to get therapy and recover, Ava Jerome wants to wallow in anger. This time she might not come out of her dark place on the ABC soap. Watch GH to see.

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