‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Can Shiloh Outrun Peter’s Hit Man?

General Hospital spoilers say Peter August (Wes Ramsey) sets a kill order on Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin). But the DoD guru catches on and escapes police custody after his trial. Clearly, Shiloh is counting on Peter to secure his freedom.

Otherwise, he’ll blow Peter’s new life apart by revealing his connection to Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers). However, Shiloh Archer figures out Peter is double-crossing him. So, he escapes and demands Peter cough up serious cash so he can skip town on ABC’s GH.

General Hospital Spoilers: Peter August & Shiloh Archer’s Shady Deal

GH spoilers recall Shiloh Archer’s blackmailing Peter August to get him out of prison. Remember, Shiloh knows Peter worked with Helena to abduct Drew Cain (Billy Miller) and do the memory transfer with Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). Of course, Peter will do anything to keep this information hidden. Most importantly, to keep Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) from finding out.

Surely, Peter is a changed man, building a better life with Maxie. But, his past keeps creeping back up to bite him. So, against his better judgment, he made a deal with Shiloh to protect his secret. Certainly, he didn’t see any other choice. Then, he decided to eliminate shady Shiloh Archer once and for all and paid a henchman to take him out, promise General Hospital spoilers.

GH Spoilers: Peter Turns On Shiloh Archer – Plots To Kill Him After Trial

General Hospital spoilers confirm Peter August let Shiloh Archer believe he’d get him out of Pentonville. However, he paid the same guy that failed to kill Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery). Certainly, Peter is right back to his villainous ways by plotting to get people killed. Although, he is doing it in the name of love. But it also seems he needs a more skilled assassin…

No doubt, Peter wants to leave that life behind and move forward with Maxie. Surely, he can’t fathom the idea of her finding out that he has ties to Helena Cassadine. So, he is willing to bring back his dark side to protect his relationship with Maxie. However, Shiloh is one step ahead of him and after he escapes the cops, made new demands on Friday’s GH.

Peter Plan Backfires – Shiloh Escapes PCPD Custody – Coby Exits General Hospital Soon

GH spoilers report Peter August’s plan to kill Shiloh Archer went sideways. After court, Shiloh called Peter to tell him he knows about his plan. So, he demands money to get out of PC. Of course, Peter wants rid of Shiloh one way or another. And, if that means him disappearing, that’s okay too. At least, he’ll be gone and won’t be able to jeopardize his life with Maxie.

So, Peter hurries to get Shiloh the money but runs into Maxie. Of course, he must lie to her. However, he’ll have some explaining to do when Maxie finds the bank receipt for all that cash. Certainly, Peter’s number one goal is getting rid of Shiloh. And it looks like he succeeds because Coby Ryan McLaughlin’s time on the sudser ends.

Recently, the actor confirmed he leaves General Hospital and Shiloh exits soon. Most likely, he’ll hightail it unless Peter’s hitman catches him before he splits. So, Shiloh’s reign of terror is over one way or another. Although Shiloh Archer evaded the hitman once, the killer must know he’ll face Peter August’s wrath if he doesn’t finish the job – will he catch up and finish the job?

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