‘General Hospital’ Shocker: Finn & Chase – Father and Son, Not Brothers?

General Hospital spoilers suspect Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) may, in fact, be Harrison Chase’s (Josh Swickard) father instead of his older brother on GH. And a tragedy might be what makes Finn discover Chase is his son with Jackie Templeton (Kim Delaney) on the ABC daytime drama.

General Hospital Spoilers: Jackie’s Huge Secret

Recent GH spoilers confirm Jackie Templeton has a big secret. And, it’ll come out soon that Jackie and Hamilton Finn had a romance years ago. And, their old fling could be the cause of her deep, dark secret. Surely, that may be why he keeps his distance from Jackie and his father, Gregory Chase (now Gregory Harrison).

Of course, it’s sure to be awkward for Dr. Hamilton Finn to be around his stepmother/ex-lover. However, it may go deeper, suspect General Hospital spoilers. If Finn and Jackie were intimate around the time she was with Gregory, there’s a chance Finn is actually Harrison Chase’s dad. Of course, Jackie would want to keep that a secret.

First, because Jackie and her stepson Finn might’ve been sneaking around behind Gregory’s back. Also, because he is so much younger than her, no doubt, Jackie probably thought it was best just to let Gregory believe he was Chase’s father. However, Hamilton Finn may discover the truth soon, and it is sure to flip his world upside down on General Hospital.

General Hospital Spoilers: Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard)

Harrison Chase in Terrible Accident – Hamilton Finn Puts the Pieces Together on GH

General Hospital spoilers predict Harrison Chase may end up in danger. Soon, the mob war heats up, and Chase is a cop, so he’ll be right in the thick of it. So, Chase may get seriously injured and land in the hospital. No doubt, his “big brother” Hamilton Finn will want to treat him. He may then notice a mismatch in blood type that doesn’t align with their father.

Remember, Finn treated his father for Lyme disease a while back. So, he has his medical records on file. No doubt, Hamilton Finn may easily figure out if something doesn’t align between Harrison Chase and his dad. Then, it shouldn’t take long for him to do the math and wonder if he is Chase’s father. Surely, the timing makes sense on General Hospital.

So, he may do a DNA test on himself and Harrison Chase. If it proves he and Chase are father and son, Finn may confront Jackie with the test results. Of course, Jackie may beg him not to tell her son the truth. However, that is not his style. Of course, he believes in telling the truth. So, Hamilton Finn may sit Chase down and tell him he’s his dad. However, he might not get the reaction he expects on General Hospital.

General Hospital Spoilers: Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton)

Chase Ecstatic or Appalled on General Hospital?

Soon on General Hospital, Hamilton Finn may fill Harrison Chase in on his past with Jackie. He may then confess that he is Chase’s biological father and show him the DNA test results. On the one hand, Chase loves Finn very much and wants a deeper relationship. So, he may be happy to learn he is his dad.

On the other hand, the detective may shock Finn and reject him as his father. Perhaps, Harrison Chase might be disgusted by the fact that Hamilton Finn slept with his mother. And he may push his father/brother away altogether on General Hospital. No doubt, Finn would be devastated.

And, Jackie would be furious if he destroys her family with the truth on GH. So, Hamilton Finn’s life might fall apart soon due to the revelation that Harrison Chase is his son on the ABC sudser.

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