General Hospital: Ryan Bloody Hook Promo – Ava and Felicia Freak Over Halloween Horror [VIDEO]

General Hospital spoilers from a terrifying new promo show that Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) kills this week. Ava Jerome (Maura West) and Felicia Scorpio (Kristina Wagner) run scared. This is a full-on Halloween horror video you have to see to believe. It looks like a bloody good time and promises someone will die, but who?

General Hospital Spoilers: Bloody Hook and Halloween Horror on GH

These GH spoilers shown in the video reveal Ryan Chamberlain kills on Halloween. Since the dates run a bit different in Port Charles than real life, we can expect the kill anytime next week. The body is found on Friday, November 2 by Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) reveals General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central. Ryan uses a bloody hook, shown in the vid, and it looks like a horror movie clip.

The promo video starts out with Mary Pat’s (Patricia Bethune) voice saying “who knows what the future will bring”. It’s a safe bet that the sinister Mary Pat Ingles has some idea since she knows about the secret patient being held at Ferncliff. It’s not clear if she knows the twins swapped at some point, but Ryan Chamberlain could be her buddy.

General Hospital Kids Party Turns Chaotic

Another Halloween happening in Port Charles is a party for the kids. In the promo, Felicia Scorpio hangs family-friendly decor but things turn terrifying soon. The black and white scare-fest shows Ryan walking ominously towards a warehouse door. He slams down a hook with the curved tip dripping blood as he says “they let me get away with murder”.

The scenes show that Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) is horrified at something and Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) whispers in terror “oh my God”. The GH spoilers video shows Carly and Laura peeking into a room at Ferncliff. Will they find Kein Collins (Jon Lindstrom)? There’s also a clip of Ava Jerome slip-sliding and screaming.

It appears she might have stumbled onto the body and went skidding in the blood. There are also scenes from Ferncliff that look like something out of a psycho slasher film. Felicia Scorpio relives the horror of decades ago with this bloody return. ABC is calling this a “GH Daytime Event” and it looks like they pulled out all the stops.

Who Dies on Halloween in Port Charles?

The General Hospital spoilers promise that “someone won’t live through the week” but they could always kill off an extra like an orderly at the mental hospital or even the awful Mary Pat. The latest behind the scenes scoop is that Kik Jerome (Hayley Erin) will be one of the kills because of Ryan’s growing attraction to Ava Jerome.

Everyone knew that a new serial killer spree was coming. This new GH spoilers trailer promises that madness and mayhem lurk next week. The promo calls Ryan Chamberlain “an evil so insane”. He narrates saying, “tonight will be unforgettable”. Felicia Scorpio will be drawn back to the dark time when Ryan stalked her and Ava Jerome might live her worst nightmare if Kiki dies.

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