‘General Hospital’: Who Is Patient 6?

General Hospital introduced Patient 6 on Thursday, September 14, 2017. Ava Jerome [Maura West] met the mysterious masked man at the clinic in St. Petersburg, Russia where she was sent for facial reconstruction surgery. The first hint that Patient 6 might be Jason Morgan was when he clinched his fist at her mention of Port Charles.

Patient 6 – dangerous psychotic or prisoner?

Ava was warned that Patient 6 was a dangerous psychotic that must be masked and sedated at all times. Ava’s clinic liaison, Larissa, told her that Patient 6 had been the victim of a violent crime, was shot, and fell into open water and the incident broke his mind. Larissa told Ava he’s the incurable son of a wealthy family. None of this deterred Ava from expressing interest in the masked man.

GH tried to fake out fans

At the same time Ava met Patient 6 in Russia, General Hospital tried to convince fans that he might be Nikolas Cassadine [Tyler Christopher] back from the dead. Back in Port Charles, just as Ava met Patient 6, Valentin Cassadine [James Patrick Stuart] cut his hand and dripped blood onto the Cassadine family tree onto Prince Nikolas’ name. This was a bloody red herring, as GH would soon reveal.

Patient 6 revealed as Steve Burton behind the mask

On Tuesday, September 19, Patient 6 reacted to the mention of Nikolas Cassadine’s name, roughly grabbing Ava’s wrist. He showed another reaction when she mentioned the Cassadine name to Larissa. This was GH making one last-ditch effort to convince viewers that Patient 6 was recast Nikolas before unmasking the mystery man. Patient 6 took off his glasses, and Burton’s blue eyes were revealed.

GH Burton as Patient Six


The rest of Patient 6’s saga in Russia played out as follows:

Friday, September 22, 2017: Ava realized Six was being dosed with Ketamine, a horse tranquilizer. However, viewers saw Patient 6 struggle to stand, indicating he’d been building up a tolerance to the strong sedative.

Monday, September 25, 2017: Six wrote down a phone number for Ava to call for him but refused to divulge his name. Ava and Six were caught colluding and orderlies sedated him after a brief struggle. The wicked Dr. Klein called the number.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017: Dr. Klein heard Sonny Corinthos [Maurice Benard] on the other end of the call and hung up silently. Klein then called someone to come pick up Patient 6 and take him away. Ava overheard and promised to get Patient 6 a paperclip as he asked.

Friday, September 29, 2017: Six stole a paperclip from Dr. Klein’s folder and tried to pick the lock on his cuffs. He dropped the paperclip and Ava returned it to him. Patient 6 promised that he owed her and made his escape from the clinic.

Monday, October 2, 2017: Patient 6 got out of the clinic and made it onto the chilly streets of St. Petersburg. A priest took him into a church and Griffin Munro [Matt Cohen] showed up to pray. He loaned Six his phone and he dialed Sam Morgan’s [Kelly Monaco] phone.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017: Jason Morgan [Billy Miller] answered Sam’s phone and Six ended the call. Thugs came looking for Patient 6 in the church but Griffin lied for him then gave him some money to help fund his journey home. The priest gave Patient 6 clothes and found him a way to get home.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017: The priest told Patient 6 he got him a spot on a ship that can smuggle him to New York. The thugs came back to the church looking for him but the priest lied to cover and Patient 6 got away.

After Russia, Patient 6 journeyed to New York

On the cargo ship, Six ran into Huxley Lynch [Trent Dawson], also a stowaway. They passed the time playing cards after an initial misunderstanding that forced Six to tie Huxley to a chair. During their poker game, Patient 6 revealed four facts that made it evident to viewers that he’s Jason Morgan.

#1 Six said he’s a coffee importer

#2 Six said he owns shares in a casino

#3 Six said he’s got offshore accounts

#4 Six showed his stealth skills

War of Indines, BattleCon - Patient 6

A possible obscure origin of the Patient 6 character

Patient 6 might not have been thought up by the General Hospital writers. Interestingly, a character named Patient 6 was created for a dueling card game called Battle Con: War of Indines. Patient Six was a failed experiment to create a “docile controllable assassin” that could be triggered remotely. The idea was he would go berserker and kill on command. When he was found to be uncontrollable, he was warehoused in a secret facility but then escaped. Sure sounds a lot like GH’s Six. Perhaps someone in the writers’ room is a gamer.

Will the real Jason Morgan please stand up?

Patient 6 and the former Jake Doe are both in contention as the “real” Jason Morgan but GH fans now know that one is the real deal and the other is the unknown twin Drew Quartermaine. Further confusing the matter is that both have memories of life in Port Charles with Sam from years ago. The memories must be explained to sort out who is who.

Patient 6 walks, talks, and looks like the original Jason Morgan that died on the docks in 2012. The DNA match is plausible since identical twins have the same DNA. Fingerprints are unique to the individual so that might help sort out the mystery of Patient 6. Showrunners at the ABC soap promised a nine-month-long initial story for Steve Burton, who signed a three-year contract, so the mystery will linger.

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