‘General Hospital’ News: Nancy Grahn Ends Up in Hospital While on Vacation

Nancy Grahn of General Hospital went on what was supposed to be a fun vacation, but she ended up landing in the hospital. She went to Europe on her trip and has been sharing a lot of updates with the fans, but now her update isn’t near as exciting. Nancy plays Alexa Davis on the show.

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Nancy’s hospital stay on GH

How did Nancy end up in the hospital? Soap Central shared about how she went to Twitter to let fans know the story. Nancy Grahn said she didn’t actually admit herself. Instead she spent a few hours in the emergency room while she was in France. Nancy didn’t go into detail about what happened, though. This left the fans wondering what was going on with her. It could be anything from being a little bit sick to an injury since she isn’t giving out the details.

Nancy Lee Grahn was also really impressed with the health care she received. She shared the details with her fans as you can see below from her Twitter post.

At least it doesn’t sound very serious, seeing that she got to go home right away. Hopefully, Nancy Grahn is able to enjoy the rest of her trip without any issues after this small mishap. She is having a nice trip with her family along with her.

Things on General Hospital are going crazy

Things are really heating up on General Hospital and it looks like a great week is ahead. This show is never short on drama. Nelle is leaving, which is going to shake things up.

Plus you know some fans are always going to hold out for an Alexis and Julian reunion. You just never know what will end up happening with these two characters and their love lives.

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